Flirting with Possibility

Flirting with Possibility

The #1 challenge that visionaries face is the gap between where they ARE and where they WANT TO BE.⁣⁠⠀

This is usually the cause of so much suffering for those of us high-achieving folx .⁣⁠⠀

Last week in my Mentorship group (The Embody Certification) we explored flirting with possibility as a key pillar of Embodied Leadership.⁣⁠⠀

What I proposed to them, and what I’m proposing to you is a different way to engage with potential… with possibility.⁣⁠⠀

Instead of feeling the pain that comes with measuring the gap between your reality and your dreams, can you relax into possibility?

Can you flirt with opportunity? ⁣⁠
Can you get turned on by the space instead of burdened by it?⁣⁠⠀

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When I was an overstimulated city girl (for the first 36 years of my life)…⁣⁠⠀

If you put me in nature, I used to panic. ⁣⁠⠀

The space scared me. The quiet tormented me. The vastness made me anxious. ⁣⁠

My nervous system was so used to the comfort of small spaces while moving around structured streets and sleeping to a cacophony of city sounds. ⁣⁠⠀

It’s just a habit.⁣⁠⠀
Filling the space with things.⁣⁠⠀
With busyness.⁣⁠⠀
With burden.⁣⁠⠀
With a massive to-do list.⁣⁠⁣⁠⠀

The “curse” of the high-achieving visionary is an old paradigm of fear-based motivation.

The suffering propelled us forward. ⁣
The suffering lit a fire because it played on our self-worth. ⁣
The suffering had many people achieve important things so they could show Mommy or Daddy or the bully from middle school.⁣

But in this new paradigm of embodied leadership, our motivation is love-based, spirit-sourced and co-creative.

It is sustainable.⁣

In this new paradigm, we invite in space so we can flirt with opportunity and dance with Source to create what is meant to be birthed through us – not what the world has told us we need to do.⁣

What needs to happen for you to lean back further into your body?
What structures do you need to put in place to relax into flow?
What containers need to be created for you to get excited about NOT being there yet?

How can you dance with Life with the playfulness and butterflies in your stomach that a fantastic first date offers?⁣ 

How can you engage with this gap as foreplay, as tease, as a place where you can dance in the ache of it instead of rush to fulfill it?⁣

That’s my invitation to you today.⁣

I’ve opened the doors for the 2021 Embody Certification, the container I teach this (and all the principles of Embodied Leadership & Business) in.

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To the Tender Heart…

To the Tender Heart…

To the tender heart that cannot take another heartbreak, I see you.

To the tender heart that feels utterly overwhelmed by all the headlines, all the division and the fear, I see you.

To the tender heart that cannot unsubscribe from all the petition emails and newsletters about climate change, Black Lives Matter, Beirut, the US elections, migrant children, water contamination, etc. but also cannot handle the piles of petitions in her inbox daily, I SEE YOU.

The veil has been lifted on the disease that has been slowly pervading our global body. And suddenly, the perfect storm has brought it all to the surface, to our global body’s skin to see.

We have more information than ever and yet we have less trust in it than ever.

We have more time than ever being quarantined and yet we have less time than ever because we are trying to tackle every single issue at the same time.

Through the lens of trauma, one goes into hyper-vigilance (fight/flight) or total shutdown (freeze) as a way to cope with the trauma.

Neither of these are healthy and regulated. They are modes of survival that should last for a short period of time in order to get you out of imminent danger. They are not modes in which you should be operating your entire life.

And yet, that’s exactly what I’m seeing.

We are making ourselves even sicker.

Under the illusion of championing the sick.

Under the illusion of increasing the health of the planet.

Under the illusion of loving ourselves and everyone else.

To the tender heart that cannot take another heartbreak, I see you.

It is YOUR heart that will heal us. It is YOUR heart that the world needs.

Keep Regulating. Keep Loving. Keep Coming back to you.

I love you.

Who Do We Think We Are?

Who Do We Think We Are?

No, really.⁠
Humans are acting like RAGING NARCISSISTS.⁠
So much so that Nature has literally put certain countries in a time out.⁠

Humans have reached an unprecedented level of arrogance. ⁠
Our illusion of separation and elevation is what will (and has) pulled us into the deepest and lowest point in history.⁠
Our complete disregard of the ecosystem we are GUESTS in is precisely what will extinct our entire species.⁠

When I look around and see everything that is diseasing our global body, I see EXTRACTION as our number one problem.⁠

Everything that is poisoning us as a species comes from an arrogant attitude of TAKING.⁠

Taking like we are somehow entitled to feed our never-ending appetites as nonchalantly as buying a big gulp from 7/11. ⁠

We are not here to just take.⁠

This PRESUMES we are somehow more important, more entitled than the ants, the bees and the fungi growing around us. ⁠

We are slurping, inhaling, pulling, sucking, plucking, cutting like hungry monsters.⁠
What about the other half of the equation?!⁠

We should be offering, exhaling, giving, allowing, creating, planting, including and seeding. ⁠

Every single problem we have right now was seeded in an air of EXTRACTION AND ENTITLEMENT.⁠

From single-use plastics to sexual abuse to modern-day slavery.⁠

Social media selling our behavior to the highest bidders.⁠

Politicians selling our bodies to Big Pharma.⁠

Our bosses selling our life force to profit margins.⁠

When we started talking about The Feminine Rising many years ago, everyone misread this as a female empowerment thing.⁠

This has literally nothing to do with gender.

(Although, as a woman, I will take this moment to remind the world that we are still waiting for the rest of our dollar and would like to be compensated for all those meals that magically pop on the dinner table. And yes, we are charging overtime for 2020.)

When we talk about a new paradigm of leadership, we are talking about regenerative, connected, loving, balanced practices in COHESION with our ecosystem.

When we talk about a new paradigm of leadership, we are talking about starting with the EXHALE- then inhaling into action. Not the other way round.

When we talk about a new paradigm of leadership, we are talking about bringing online our compassionate heart and our deep-rooted, immeasurable connection with the SPIRIT OF NATURE.

My signature program, The Embody Certification, is opening its doors soon.

This is the type of leadership we are cultivating in this program.