I made a mistake…

I made a mistake…

When we first started Embody, I referred to it as a dance class. On the surface level this is true. We dance at Embody. Hence, the name dance class. Obvious.

But that was a mistake.

The word dance itself can intimate so many people.

It would intimidate me.

Have we met? I’m like the least flexible human on earth (at least in my mind!)…
The one that always goes the wrong way during a choreo routine. 
At 8 I was asked to leave my training at the Maryland Youth Ballet because my knees weren’t built to be a dancer, they said.

Embody is movement.
And what I came to find out is that Embody is A movement.

A movement to reclaim what feels good over what looks good.
A movement to liberate ourselves from the bullshit patriarchal rules
A movement to initiate us back into a sense of wholeness.

And if calling it a dance class stopped you from coming and finding yourself, I’m sorry.

I did not serve you.

So here I am letting you know… this is not a dance class and you don’t need to be a dancer ever.

I mean… we’re all dancers but you get what I mean!

Embody – and the movement it allows for – is a reminder that we have the priestess, the wild woman, the sensual siren, the rebellious teenager, the matriarch, the warrior, a sweet inner little girl and witchy magic inside of us.

At all times.

Embody is simply a permission slip to allow them to come out and commune, to come out and express, to come out and play together.

Every single time a woman takes Embody she exhales.
She comes to me and says:
“Through movement, I remembered.”
“Through movement, I reclaimed.”
“Through movement, I woke up.”

In the beautiful conversations I’ve been having with the Embody Certification applicants (which is over half full by the way – and we are still 3 months from starting!), we’ve been talking about the pull, the return to our fundamentals.

Movement is a fundamental. A non-negotiable for our health. A pillar of our happiness.

My mission is to support you in your unique expression in the world. And that starts in your body and in your movement.

There are so many ways you can access this no matter where you are on your journey:

1. [FREE] Follow Embody on Spotify and dance to our playlists in your living room with breath as your focus.
2. [Under $10] Take it up a notch and take an Embody-at-Home where I guide you to freedom with my voice.
3. [Under $100 but currently free!] Join us in the Embody Collective here. With over 80 womxn signed up, you are bound to find sisterhood and sensuality in this space. We are running a 30-day free trial.

This is simply a reminder that movement requires nothing of you but devotion to your expression and your health.

Loving you… 2020 is nearly over… and things are looking up.

You got this.

Embody Teacher Feature – Vanessa

Embody Teacher Feature – Vanessa

Each month we feature one of our Embody Teachers. This month is Vanessa Knight!

Vanessa teaches classes in Brooklyn, NY.

Hi, I’m Vanessa – new Embody dance teacher extraordinaire! I admittedly spent the first half of my adult life at war with my body; disconnected and daydreaming of having a more socially acceptable one. If I was thinner: people would like me more; I would have a beautiful relationship with my body; I would date Brad Pitt; my weight would never fluctuate again; I would ooze sensuality; I would have my dream job; I would dance naked in a field of flowers; I would be free and celebrated. This had been my quest since I was 11 and I never questioned that it would be something that I would continue striving for my entire life. Until I did question it.

Through feminine movement, I found a safe home within myself. A place where I *already was* all of those things I strived to be. At Embody dance classes I finally greeted the powerful force of my femininity that I deeply knew was somewhere within me since birth but had been shrouded by social conditioning. And through that listening, I was finally able to unlock my playful inner little girl and give her room to breathe and giggle! I’m passionate about guiding other fat women through their own journeys of reclaiming their full expression and their right to beautifully journey throughout this life! Let’s dance.

For information on Vanessa’s classes in Brooklyn, check out @vanessa.knight.