Have you dated a Spiritual Playboy?

Have you dated a Spiritual Playboy?

There is a specific flavor of Spiritual Playboy that is incredibly dangerous.

He woos you in with his David Deida’esque language about his primal masculine.

He trades kinky foreplay talk with his desire to penetrate your whole being.

And just because he’s been to a few tantra workshops, he thinks his gaze is steady enough to hold your universe.

And for a moment, as he holds you tight, you believe him.
Because he is there.

Fully Present.
In Pure Consciousness.

And so your feminine animal body feels this and starts to soften.
Starts to open.
Starts to surrender.

But what this flavor of man doesn’t understand is that you need him to hold you AFTER all the merging.

You need him to help you slowly solidify your being after you’ve become the ocean.

Instead, he leaves you there like a sad puddle with no container. No structure. No plan on how to slowly come back into your wholeness as a being.

This is particularly dangerous because your King and the Spiritual Playboy have about 90% of the same characteristics.

But the King… he plays the long game.
The King sticks around after the eye-gazing.
The King shows up to the mundane.
And the King takes responsibility for opening you.

His container does not disappear the moment he tastes your surrender.

Instead, his container grows day by day to allow YOU to expand.
Because he knows your expansion is nourishment for him and nourishment for the entire world.

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Your King sees his potential in you.
The Spiritual Playboy sees his shortcomings and runs.

Your King sees his inspiration in you.
The Spiritual Playboy sees work he has to do in you and resigns.

Your King sees his Godliness in you.
The Spiritual Playboy sees his human burden.

Your King stands with a straight spine because his body mirrors his inner landscape.
The Spiritual Playboy stands stiff in a stoic posture because his tantra teacher told him to.

With the Spiritual Playboy, you will find yourself exhausted, watching him trying to wear the costume of “the masculine” while your body feels his discomfort.

With the Playboy, you will find yourself burnt out, having to lead in every area EXCEPT the bedroom.

You will feel exhausted because you alone have to pick up his mess.

Because you have to constantly stand, unattached, mirroring his potential.

You will find yourself constantly praying that one day he will get inspired instead of tired when he sees his reflection.

Waiting on his potential will stop you from stepping into yours.

Because eventually, he will stop you from the number one gift you have as a feminine being…
Your capacity to LOVE.

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