Embody Teacher Feature – Morgan

Embody Teacher Feature – Morgan

Each month we feature one of our Embody Teachers. This month is Morgan Renaldo!

Morgan is an emotional health coach and personal trainer who works with women to heal their relationship with food and their body. She believes that every woman deserves to live in a body that she loves. Her personal journey with body image and disordered eating has prepared her to guide you to healing.

For more about Morgan, visit her on Instagram @morganrenaldo.

My clients are the fiercest womxn…

My clients are the fiercest womxn…

My clients are the fiercest womxn out there.

In a world where everyone is selling speeding up,

My work is about slowing you down…

Which brings up our deepest wounds.

My work is about stepping into your range…

And embodying the parts of you that the world told you are NOT welcome.

This takes deep, deep courage.

And most people are a no to this path.

But there is a small handful of visionaries with priestess hearts who know…
They know that the world needs an injection of divinity to remember our path…
They know that they came here to look at themselves in the mirror and face all parts of themselves…
And to model that process for the rest.

In the last week, I’ve seen at least 5 of my 1:1 clients posting incredibly vulnerable posts about scary decisions they’ve made:

  • to leave a stagnant relationship
  • to pause and reevaluate the way they are doing business to include more lusciousness
  • to emerge from hiding and post a video so their voice can be HEARD
  • to be seen in their range from the rebel to the sensual siren.

The truth is often my work is about holding their hand while they surrender to the dissolution.

And throw it all into the fire.

And most people don’t have the courage to burn it all down in devotion to the next season.

I help visionaries reach embodied expression in their love and leadership.

And authentic embodied expression is NOT for the faint of heart.

My work is about allowing you to give yourself a permission slip to do it your way.
Not the way the world told you to be or do business or relationships.
The way YOU want to do it.

Which means you have to TRUST yourself. And that’s a whole thing…

You know where to find me if you’re ready.

Feminine Freedom: A Paradox?

Feminine Freedom: A Paradox?

Absolutely not.⁠

We often hear FREEDOM being a concept more associated with the Masculine/Alpha.⁠

It’s true, the Alpha in all of us craves to be free of burden. ⁠
Making more money, getting more time….⁠
All the things we are trying to do so we can get some peace and quiet.⁠

I have this strong in my Alpha. ⁠
This is definitely not a man’s experience only. ⁠
In fact, half our industry is constantly going on and on about “financial freedom” as the holy grail.⁠

And sure, I’m ALL about becoming a millionaire. Here for it.⁠

But what I often see is those same womxn reaching for the millions – or even having it already – but still not feeling happy.⁠

This is because FINANCIAL Freedom is just one type of freedom.⁠

A human with a very feminine/omega essence craves feminine freedom. ⁠
The freedom to love. The freedom to express. The freedom to surrender. The freedom to receive.⁠

For those who financial freedom comes easy, it is often these other freedoms that feel unattainable.⁠

So you’ve worked so hard to get the financial freedom and now there’s space. ⁠
And that space is empty because you cannot express yourself in it. ⁠
You cannot be witnessed in it. ⁠
You cannot be breathed in it. ⁠
Because no one is there.⁠

So what’s the point of Financial Freedom if the space isn’t filled with what your Feminine heart desires?⁠

What did you work so hard for? ⁠
For Alpha, that silence is HEAVEN. ⁠
For Omega, that silence is HELL. ⁠
It mirrors back to us the gaping ache in our heart for love to fill the space.⁠

And instead of free, we just feel lonely.⁠