I’m not interested in Being a Goddess

I’m not interested in Being a Goddess

I’m not interested in being a Goddess
who sprinkles fairy dust
and a side of spiritual bypassing into her vegan breakfast every morning.

I want to be a human.
A woman
Who sinks her teeth into the juicy flesh of life
Who sucks the marrow out of every challenge.
Who makes love to the shadow as much as the light.

I’m not interested in being a Boss Babe
Who has a factory of courses
That prints out cash
At the expense of my freedom
and the freedom of others.

I want to be a Leader
Who has an ecosystem of sustainability
that allies with the God instead of trying to play God
who allows the garden in her business to bloom in Spring and get quiet in Winter.

I’m not interested in being a 7-figure Business owner
who overrides her nervous system in favor of external validation.
I want to be a 7-dimensional Tantrika
who doesn’t need to reach outside of herself for wealth
because her internal landscape is the richest soil in her universe.

I’m not interested in scaling into an Empire.
I’m not interested in crushing it.
We’ve crushed enough.
By sucking, plucking and extracting from the earth and her creatures.

I want to be co-create and co-habitate.
I want each offering I create to be part of my offering to the Earth.
I want each person I work with to land into a level of intimacy and depth
with themselves that they cannot ignore the earth’s cries.

That’s what I’m here for.

Embody Teacher Feature – Alia

Embody Teacher Feature – Alia

Each month we feature one of our Embody Teachers. This month is Alia-Renee Dye!

It’s Alia’s birthday month! What better way to celebrate than by recognizing her journey of finding Embody? At the beginning of quarantine, she was experiencing a disconnect from her sensuality — a part of herself she always felt very connected to. Alia has been a dancer for 10 years but felt something was missing from her dance practice. Nadia had just started up virtual classes and so the first one Alia could attend, she did. Her first Embody class WOKE. HER. UP. She felt vibrant and connected to her sacred sensuality again.

Alia believes this is the key to living a juicy, embodied life, full of presence. Guided by her intuition, Alia immediately applied to become a teacher, and she’s so grateful that she did (thank you, Nadia, for taking a leap of faith with me!) She looks forward to bringing Embody with her, waking women up and bringing them back home to their bodies where ever she goes.

For information on Alia’s classes in Summit County, CO,  please email areneedye@yahoo.com.

True Embodiment Rarely Looks Pretty

True Embodiment Rarely Looks Pretty

In fact, it usually looks BAT SHIT cray cray.

Because it’s an internal experience expressed through your external body.

So it’s not about looking good or getting into a particularly flattering shape or creating a beautiful angle.

Its beauty comes through its visceral heart-wrenching truth,

Its pleasure comes through the expression of that truth.

When I was younger, I used to cut myself.

It was a coping mechanism to express the deep pain and suffering of the world I felt inside my body.

As I grew older and learnt to love myself, I learnt a new way to cope with the pain.

Through embodiment.
Through expression of the dark.
Through giving the pain motion.

Embodiment Practice

The instinct has never gone away.

Similar to drinking, masochism is an addiction.
The urge never goes away.
You just learn how to alchemize and transmute the pain.
Because you’ve learned to dignify and divini-fy your body.

There’s a lot of fluffy talk about being alchemizers.

But what does that truly mean?

Are you willing to go into the depths of your despair and touch it so deeply with your heart that it dissolves?
Are you willing to dig deeper with your pelvis grinding into the earth until you reach the treasure?
Are you willing to shake off the static and stagnancy?

Are you able to give voice to your pain through your movement?
Are you able to let your dance be a prayer?

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Body, grant me the song to release the things I cannot change
The movement to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Embodiment is not just you twirling in a pretty dress in Tulum.

Embodiment is a tool to pull you into your most potent power.
As an alchemize.
As a transmuter.
As a mystic.

Anyone who identifies with these roles but hasn’t connected to their body in this way has not reached their full potential.

Full stop.

Are You Allowing Yourself to be Ugly?

Are You Allowing Yourself to be Ugly?

I’m done showing you ONLY the prettier side of my embodiment practice

I wasn’t consciously censoring it.

I’m just not usually thinking about social media when I’m practicing this deeply.

But I’m realizing that so much of my work is in the dark.
On both levels.

Meaning, I don’t show it on social.
And because it’s literally about working with shadow and the dark emotions.

And right now in the world, shit is DARK AF.

And I imagine a lot of people are feeling despair, grief and Rage.

And it’s time I show you what’s really helpful.

My life has had so much darkness (and equal amounts of light.)

But something about my path with my Scorpio sun and moon and my first seven years on this planet in a war zone…
Something about that and my sensitivity has led me to the deep work of shadow emotions.

Kali-Ma is sort of my default energy.

This video (really take the time to watch all three mins) is an example of me working somatically, with my two default FEAR responses: FIGHT and FREEZE.

Embodiment Practice

When my body senses danger, she oscillates between cynical warrior and collapsed victim energy. And so here I am allowing my body to move into each stage and the softly and gently allowing my breath to alchemize and move me out of that state to find a place of balance.

Instead of clenching fists and closed heart, I practice moving into an open palm NO… boundaried but still able to receive.
Instead of a caved in heart and head hung low, I allow my breath to fill me up and raise my spine to a place of honest exhaustion and dignity… instead closing off to everything.

This is what is happening in a video that looks like I might be “losing my mind”.

I’m losing my mind… that’s true. But in the best way. I’m allowing my body’s wisdom to take over.