The Doors are Open to Your Embody Transformation

As feminine creatures, our deepest power is our heart and our biggest ally is our body. ⁠

But the problem is… that’s not what you were taught.⁠

You grew up in a post-feminist era where you were instructed to toughen up, roll up your sleeves and get it done. ⁠

You were taught that emotionality is weak and to truly “win” you need to “conquer” shit.⁠

You were programmed to believe that your body was the obstacle to your goal – when it’s actually your most powerful compass.⁠

You were taught:⁠
⪢ To stay small and quiet and you’ll be safe.⁠
⪢ To say “yes” even when you desperately wanted to say “no”.⁠
⪢ Not to trust your intuition and anything mystical was simply your imagination.⁠
⪢That working hard was the only way to gain power, respect and safety.⁠
⪢ To suck it up and suppress emotions or else you wouldn’t be taken seriously.⁠
⪢ To hold your breath and contract.⁠
⪢ To ignore your feminine rhythms and cycles so you could succeed in a “man’s world.”⁠

And so here we are… ⁠

In a world that has been sucked dry from our most precious resource…⁠

Our life force, our shakti, our erotic energy.⁠
Where our hearts are closed,⁠
Our pleasure is last on the to-do list,⁠
And our planet is sick.⁠

We cannot standby and let this happen.⁠

Our role as healers, teachers, and business owners in 2022 is to create a paradigm of pleasure, a movement led by Embodied Wholeness Principles and a world around us that remembers what truly matters.⁠

Embody by Nadia is my signature Mentorship Program for Leaders & Entrepreneurs ready to deepen and expand their service to the world through embodiment.⁠

Are you joining us?⁠

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