Are You a Lover or a Fighter? (…And can we be both?)

There are two energies from which you can create.⁠

Or Fear.⁠

Most of what is being built these days is out of fear.⁠

Chemically, fear is made up of adrenaline and cortisol ⁠
(and I’m sure a bunch of other hormones I don’t know how to name)⁠

When most of society is running on adrenaline, on urgency, on deadlines⁠
On coffee and stimulants, ⁠
On fears of being judged,⁠
On fear of not keeping up…⁠

Everything we create as a society is woven with the fabric of fear.⁠

As leaders of a new paradigm, we must be lovers.⁠
This sounds easy.⁠
Of course I love! ⁠
“I love what I do⁠
I love myself⁠
I love my clients”⁠

I always choose love!”⁠

If only it were that easy…⁠

To create with love⁠
To lead with love⁠
To relate with love⁠

You must first and foremost be a master of your nervous system…⁠
To be able to tell when you are operating in love (regulation/parasympathetic) ⁠
Or when you’re operating in fear (dysregulated/sympathetic).⁠

On a primal level, fear keeps you alive.⁠
It is not meant to have us thrive. ⁠

It is not meant to have us build our entire society on it.⁠

And yet here we are. ⁠
We lost our way.⁠
We built with fear.⁠

And so now, everything we built with the fuel of fear is falling away.⁠
Bit by bit.⁠

So we can be lovers.⁠
So we can be leaders of a new way.⁠
So we can fight for love.⁠

But not with adrenaline and cortisol.⁠
But with deep belly breaths⁠
and a fierce loving heart that radiates more power than any sword.⁠
That sustains and satisfies us more than coffee and deadlines and adrenaline. ⁠

So how are you going to build, my love?⁠

It’s not another business mastermind that’s going to satisfy your soul.⁠

Become the Lover & Leader You’ve Always Envisioned.⁠

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