The Macarena is my new North Star

This morning, I received an email that had me bawling my eyes out.

It was of a protest last week where the National Guard danced the “Macarena” thanks to a beautiful heart-based activist named Amisha Harding.

 While watching the video of the protesters and the guards giggling to the “Macarena”, I found myself weeping.

Because dance is healing
Because dance is unifying
Because the RIGHT to dance is about the RIGHT to safety, the RIGHT to JOY, the RIGHT to EXPRESS, the RIGHT to EXIST.

Dance is also about bringing us all back into our hearts.

Because right there, for a moment, everything was ok.

And right there, for a moment, everyone stripped away the details and FELT.
Everyone joined together to just BE.

For a moment, we were just SOULS in human bodies.

But the system does not see it that way. The system is rigged. The system is rotten. And the system needs us all to spend a lot more time than we have dismantling it through strategic, consolidated efforts to help our BIPOC feel SAFE so they can dance again.

Dance alone won’t do shit.
Intention alone won’t do shit.
Being in our hearts alone won’t do shit.

We have to roll up our sleeves and get into the systemic roots and pull them out like stubborn weeds.
We have to roll up our sleeves and listen to what is needed to help everyone feel safe to just BE.

And we MUST bring our hearts along.
We must bring the dance along.
We must bring our humanity along.

Because too much head and too little heart is why we ended up here.
Because too much masculine and too little feminine is why we have lost our way.
Because too much strategy and too little feeling is how we end up frozen here.

I am here for the strategy. For the change. For the moment-to-moment hard work.
And I’m bringing along my heart. And my body. And my dance.
Because I’m in this for the long-haul.
And I know I cannot do it without a little “Macarena” as my North Star.

(Thank you Ecstatic dance for that beautiful email.)

Lifting your Spirits with Embody-at-Home: 80’s Edition

I hope you are taking care of your heart and your nervous system during this time.

So much is unfolding… Just a reminder to strive for balance.

Show up for the outside world.
And show up for yourself.
Your body. Your heart. Your needs. Your truth.

Personally, this means I’ve been using more embodiment tools like Embody-at-Home.

To fill my cup, I’ve been going back to simple pleasures like romantic period movies and 80s songs to lift my spirits.

And I’ve created the latest Embody-at-home based on this idea… lifting our spirits.

I’m so excited because this has been in the making for a while…

Embody at Home 80's Edition

Embody-at-Home: The 80s Edition.

Non-stop 80’s goodness.

With covers, remixes and some originals, you will get to dance to Price, Tiffany, Depeche Mode, Roxette, and lots more…


Being Warriors of Love

Being Warriors of Love

Whether you live in the US or not, I imagine you have been actively following the news on what is currently unfolding in the US. Today’s post primarily addresses these events – but if you’re international or work with any American clients and you’re white/white-passing, this is also for you. Because so much of the developed world suffers from the plague of racism in different ways.

If you are a WOC in this community, I want to apologize for all the ways us white/white-passing folx sat in our privilege and didn’t answer the call.

We let you down. We are deeply sorry.

I want to personally apologize for assuming my monthly donations, watching 13th and occasionally offering a scholarship for WOC was good enough. On some level, I was probably just trying to let myself feel like I did my part. And yet, there is so much more to do. And I will do my best to do more and to get better because this is an active and ongoing journey of dismantling a system that is rotten from the core.

I want to apologize for sometimes assuming that this was not my responsibility because I’m Arab (but white-passing) and because I didn’t grow up in the US, can’t vote and didn’t consume American history books. I run a business in the US. I serve American clients and I consume American products. I cannot pretend this does not involve me.

I have spent most of the weekend reflecting on the most effective way to better myself and rally white-passing folx in the vision (and fight) for more love and more justice in the US and the world.

The reason I do this embodiment work is because this is my form of activism. 

Anyone in the personal transformation space simply SHOULD NOT stay still or silent on this matter.

Activism is about being active.
Being an active creatrix of change. Of social impact… which is what we do in the personal development space.
Actively shift shit.
Sit with our discomfort.
Notice the deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs we don’t realize we have.

(Some of you may not know this, but growing up in the Middle East, I was very deeply immersed in activism. I led a student anti-sectarian movement, was part of an anti-Zionist movement called FIST, ran Jane Goodall’s Beirut Chapter of Roots & Shoots – an environmental club, and got in lots of trouble in my teens for painting and wearing a shirt that said Love is Gender-Blind over a rainbow.)

So it is literally impossible for me to do the work I do today and not bring in the part of me passionate for change.

And I believe embodied humans are the leaders of the future – because we are able to drop into our hearts and our bellies to feel the truth and to alchemize our rage into fierce fire-y energy that shifts the state of things.

The ugly truth is that all of us white/white-passing folx are benefitting from a system and a society that sits on the foundation of racism and colonialism.

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” – Angela Davis.

This is the difference between being passively privileged and actively using our voice.

Protesting, petitioning, changing our consumer habits, reading books & watching shows we would never watch, researching around election-time, donating when you don’t have the money… none of these things are convenient. But when your friend calls you in trouble and in need of your help… it doesn’t matter what is going on for you, you will drop what it is and go help them.

This is the state America is in.

We must drop some previously-scheduled stuff to handle something more urgent.

Our brothers and sisters are suffering. And we have been passive for WAY TOO long.

Our monthly donations are not enough. Reading a book here or there. Not enough. Educating yourself but then not translating into some action. Not enough.

If white/white-passing folx are truly a stand for love, we have to do more.

“In America, there are not two kinds of people, racists and non-racists. There are three kinds of people: those poisoned by racism and actively choosing to spread it; those poisoned by racism and actively trying to detox it; and those poisoned by racism who deny its very existence inside them.” – Glennon Doyle.

Here are some resources I’ve found to be helpful in educating myself and I wanted to share:

1) If you want to take a course: I’m starting this course by Brig Feltus soon. If you are a white-passing healer or coach, this is for you.
2) If you want to listen: Rachel Cargle is awesome. Follow her on IG. She also curated an awesome revolution playlist on spotify of different POC speeches.
3) If you are a white coach & want to take an intro workshop: Trudi LeBron just ran a workshop for coaches that you can purchase the replay of here.
4) Layla Saad has a book you can purchase on PDF called Me and White Supremacy.
5) Here is a great comprehensive list of action steps (from 2017 but still relevant). Just reading through it educated me.
6) In addition to supporting the work of POC through donations and/or purchasing their offerings above, here is a list of organizations you can donate to.

Obviously, there is a lot more… but this is a start.

A reminder that this is not a sprint but rather a marathon. The most effective thing we can do is slowly but steadily get better at being allies. We each will do it our own way. That’s ok. But I beg you to take some time to find your unique way of fighting for love. Fighting for justice. Fighting for the dismantling of a system that is rotten at its core.

Can we make this promise to ourselves? If so, press reply and let me know what small first step you plan to take. Let’s inspire each other into action.

And lastly, I want to leave you with a visual that I came across this week that gave me hope… a line of white womxn using their privilege to be love warriors, to protect black protestors on Thursday in Louisville, Kentucky. Now that’s how we ally…

Standing Together
Does your Spirituality have a To-Do List?

Does your Spirituality have a To-Do List?

As I sat in our backyard a few days ago, watching a hummingbird buzz around the lemon tree while I sipped my coffee, I thought about mornings.

When I first entered the personal development space, I kept hearing so much buzz about morning routines. Wake up at 5am. Take an ice bath. Do 100 sprints. Sit. Meditate. Drink a gallon of green juice. Then do 100 gratitudes while you Wim Hof breathe in the shower. Pop your supplements between each breath.

The pressure to conform to this type of morning got exponentially more intense when I started dating a life coach who was up at 5:30am doing all those things.

I would crawl out of bed at 7:30 already feeling like a failure. The shoulds would haunt me and suddenly my spirituality had an assigned to-do list.

For a while, I tried it. And for a while, I hated it.

Now, I just come back to what always felt the best to me. Sipping my morning coffee in silence.

Spirituality is in the simplicity.

Get real quiet. And just be. Drink in the sounds. Breath in the space. Feel what’s in your heart.

If you can sit with that…
If you can be in that…
If you can savor the simple…

You have figured it out.

The one thing I hope everyone gets out of this tragedy, out of this chaos, and out of this quarantine…

It’s that you don’t really need much.

Just space to be with you. To feel yourself closer each day.

My morning coffees are my ode to life.
It is the sacred silence that I tap into so I can hold steady through the chaos of the rest of the day.

I didn’t learn it in an e-course.
I wasn’t prescribed it in a productivity book.

It’s my time to be with me.
It’s my time to be with Spirit.

It’s my time to appreciate the simple things and remind myself that I need nothing except inner peace.

If we just took one hour each morning to feel, to be and to embody our reality…

Instead of trying to shove DOING into it, I think we’d all be a lot happier.

I know I am.

How have you been doing less but connecting more? Comment and let me know.

I’ll tell you who should wear a mask

I’ll tell you who should wear a mask

(Let me clear, I am by no means glazing over the vast tragedy of the pandemic – nor am I advocating to just walk around like nothing is going on. On the contrary, I’m talking about all the other ways in which we have been dying and contributing to other people’s death unknowingly for as long as we have been alive.)

I’ll tell you who is a real threat to our health, our sanity and our livelihood…

I’ll tell you the BIGGER virus that will kill us all…

The pharmaceutical companies who continue to see us as numbers, polluting our bodies with opioids and numbing us with anxiety and sleeping medications instead of taking the time to see us. Our village healer or shaman who would sit and ask questions to get to the root cause of our pain is now substituted with companies that just see money. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch The Pharmacist.)

Corporations like Nestle and Monsanto that stand by and allow their actions to peddle unsafe foods to developing countries, drown us in Round-Up, drain the world’s aquifers, devastate the environment and deliberately misinform the public through mislabeling their products while employing child labor and nasty business tactics to kill the livelihood of small farmers. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch one of the hundred documentaries on Monsanto.)

Politicians who allow themselves to be puppets to lobbying interests while pretending to be an extension of our voice, permitting policies to pass that continue to protect the 1% and poison the water of the voiceless.

Did you know that US health care companies spent nearly $568 million on lobbying in 2018 alone? This is more than ANY other industry (numbers from The Center for Responsive Politics).

The top TWO killers in the US are heart disease and cancer.


… If you are a nation eating Round-Up and drinking dirty water and Cokes.

… If you are a nation that isn’t educated about the emotional and energetic body, let alone about the importance of nutrition for your health.

… A nation that has such a broken economic system that a huge percentage of its population has no other option than to shop at Dollar General and eat at McDonald’s.

At the same time, Youtube’s CEO announced last week on an interview with CNN that they would be “removing information that is problematic” and “anything that is medically unsubstantiated” like vitamin C and turmeric boosting the immune system.

And yet, a quick search of youtube shows a never-ending list of Zoloft-promoting videos.

Holistic health is empowering.

It allows our bodies to self-regulate and to heal the way they naturally know how to.

Holistic health is problematic for the corporations and the politicians and obviously the pharmaceuticals because we no longer rely on their “quick fix solutions” which means they lose a shit ton of money.

Instead, we use food and intuition and our body’s innate power to heal.

Which means we don’t need to purchase the Zoloft and the opioids and blindly drink the dirty bottled water and buy the face cream to look younger because we drank the shitty water.

If we listen to our bodies, they lose MILLIONS, BILLIONS, TRILLIONS of dollars.

Our connection to our bodies and our intuition is their biggest enemy.

These information platforms are defending the playground bully.

Instead of giving us a platform to choose what we believe, they are feeding us THE TRUTH.

Remember the Inner party with their special relationship to “The Truth” in Orwell’s 1984? Youtube (and other platforms) choosing to police holistic health is a DIRECT policing of our minds and our bodies, and whether they are conscious of it or not, they are keeping us disempowered.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear a mask. I’m not arguing whether it’s helpful or not. I’m not suggesting this virus isn’t a massive tragedy and we must be cautious.

I’m saying let’s do that AND let’s also be cautious of the bigger virus.

The one that has been silently killing us through heart disease, cancer, diabetes and suicide.

The one that continues to force-feed us pills, fake truths and irrational fears.

The one that numbs us, poisons us and then sends us to work in a fluorescent-lit office for 12 hours a day so that our only option when we come home is to drink wine, take a sleeping pill and then wake up and do it all again with coffee rushing through our veins all day long.

They are the true hazard to our lives. They should wear a “mask” as they go about their day-to-day peddling of poison.

Reclaim your body.

Reclaim your holistic health.

Reclaim your f**king power.

And stop believing that simply sitting at home and wearing a mask is going to offer you safety.

Because it’s simply an illusion.