A Plea to Remember

A Plea to Remember

I wrote something for you and I also recorded it into a sonic experience – because you know how I just love those! You can listen to it here or read below.

A Plea to Remember

There’s so much goddamn noise.

Poking. Prodding. Yelling.

Judging. “Should”ding. Shouting.

There’s so much goddamn noise.

Of course you are curled up in fetal position

eating a full pint of ice cream under the covers.

There’s so much goddamn noise.

And the truth is there always has been.

It just took a global pandemic for it to hit a volume we can’t take anymore.

Come here, baby girl.

Let me hold you.

Let me sing to you a sweet lullaby.

Let me soothe your heart.

I see you’re scared.

I feel your quivering heart.

I can taste your fear.




Come here, baby girl.

Let me soothe your heart.

Let me tell you a story.

It’s the story of how our world rearranged itself –

And how our cells rearranged themselves in the process.

You see the world got really noisy.

People were told what they needed to need – and then were asked to pay money for it.

People began to believe that they needed things outside of themselves to be happy.

People scrambled to make money for those things by working really really hard – and got themselves sick in the process.

Everyone forgot about singing with the trees.

Everyone stopped dancing in the breeze.

Everyone lost their way back to quiet.

Our cells lost their life force.

Our skin lost its vibrancy.

Our muscles lost their elasticity.

And our heart lost its way through our inner landscape.

There’s so much goddamn noise.

I want to run.

I want to close my ears and sing “lalalalllaaaa”.

I want to give you all my middle finger.

There’s so much goddamn noise.

Haven’t we learned to stop shouting at each other?

Haven’t we learned that more words, opinions, theories, formulas, strategies and voices are not helping anymore.

Haven’t we figured it out?

That we just need to take a goddamn pause and shut the f** up for a minute.

And listen.



Can we just sit in silence.

Her silence. His silence. Their silence.

Our silence.

And breathe.

Breathe into our collective belly. Into our pelvis. Into our hearts.

And remember.

What we came here to do.

To peel away all that is stopping us from being love.

And from there we can build a new world. On the ashes of the old.

Come here, baby girl.

Let me hold you.

Let me sing to you a sweet lullaby.

Let me soothe your heart.

I know the world seems scary right now and people are dying.

Right here. Right now it can feel worse than it ever has been.

But just like the noise that’s always been there, the darkness is simply being brought into the light.

This is here so we can learn.

The is here so we can get quiet.

This is here so we can rearrange.

From the inside out.

And from that, we will come back to love.

And that will save us.

Embody LIVE on ZOOM begins this week!

Embody will now be live on Zoom Mondays & Thursdays!

If you are having a hard time navigating through the external noise and the internal anxiety, we invite you into an Embody practice together live online.

Twice a week, different Embody teachers will be teaching a 1-hour feminine movement class specifically designed to help you tap into your pleasure, power and play.

The focus is emotional and energetic alchemy through release and remembrance.

We will be using different somatic tools that are specifically designed to shake out stress so you can find the internal peace you are looking for.

Join us Mondays from 6-7pm EDT & Thursdays from 12-1pm EDT in the following Zoom Room: https://zoom.us/j/818159587

Embody Online

We begin Thursday 3/26 @ 12pm EDT with Bria Anderson kicking us off, followed by yours truly teaching next Monday at 6pm EDT.

(A reminder that this is a space for women-identifying folx only.) 

Monday, 6-7pm EDT  —  March 30th  —  Nadia Munla
Thursday, 12-1pm EDT —   April 2nd  —  Katelyn Warren
Monday, 6-7pm EDT  —  April 6th  —  Tasha Brandt
Thursday, 12-1pm EDT  —  April 9th  —  Cara Viana
Monday, 6-7pm EDT  —  April 13th  —  Camila Marquez
Thursday, 12-1pm EDT  —  April 16th  —  Kendra Tanner
Monday, 6-7pm EDT  —  April 20th  —  Stephanie Burg

You can read more about each teacher here.

Suggested donation is $10 and can be sent to @Nadia-Munla on Venmo or via PayPal Donate. 100% of the proceeds go to a charitable Covid-19-related cause.

An Embody Class to Ground you while you are stuck Inside

If you are reading my blog, chances are you are an empath or a highly-sensitive human.

This means you are probably feeling the collective global anxiety… and that energy is STRONG.

And even if you don’t identify as either, chances are you are feeling a cocktail of emotions and energies as a result of the current state of affairs.

When I polled the Embody Community about how I can best support y’all, I got many strong requests for an Embody-at-Home class specifically for these times.

Here it is. Freshly created and mixed yesterday.

I’m calling this one *Remember* – because it’s about releasing all the excess noise and energy so you can center back into who you are… so you can remember.

I believe that a lot of what is being asked of us in these times is to remember.

To remember what matters.
To remember both our powerlessness and our power.
To remember both ourselves and our neighbors.
To remember that peace can ONLY be found within.

From what I’m sensing, you are feeling incredibly antsy being at home.
You feel trapped. And stuck. But this is simply because there is excess energy and fear inside your system that simply needs to move.

Many people are trying to sit still and meditate and finding it difficult.

This is because there is so much energy coursing through your body and the collective body…

Unless you move that energy out of you, you won’t be able to sit still.

So instead of sitting at home and biting your fingernails
or senselessly scrolling through social media
or gulping down whatever wine is left in the house…

Gift yourself an Embody-at-Home class.

So in this Embody-at-Home we are actually moving into that energy so that we can rid your body of the buzzing anxious feeling and find your calm after alchemizing all the energy.

Never tried an Embody-at-Home? Now’s a great time. 

Gift yourself the chance to land in a place of ease and peace through movement.

I end the class with one my favorite Kundalini mantra songs on Acceptance.

I’ve never done that before but it felt just right for the times.

Click here to get the class.

The Pleasure in Pivoting – and how this might be your most important BUSINESS tool!

The Pleasure in Pivoting – and how this might be your most important BUSINESS tool!

When you grow up in an unstable environment…
… whether that’s addiction, abuse, war or even just a lot of moving around
… you tend to grow up wanting to control your environment as much as possible.

This is how your nervous system copes with what it perceives as a threat.
This is how your body tries to protect you.
This is how you create stability for yourself.

For those of us who have learned to control our environment and follow “THE PLAN”…
It’s incredibly confronting to suddenly pivot, and change direction on a whim.

It will rub up against all your beliefs. All your systems. All your structures.
And it will fuck with your ego.

The Pivot.
It will challenge all your attachments. All your stories. All your rules.
And provoke your Inner Critic.

The Pivot.
Every time I say it, I think of a pirouette.
Perhaps because it’s become more of a graceful dance for me.

Here’s the deal…
This concept, embodied, has led me to become a healthier and happier human,
become a much more successful business person,
and a woman able to receive and be open to Divine Synchronicities. 

I used to be the least flexible human ever.

Pivoting was NOT in my lexicon.

And the idea of “flowing through life” sounded like my personal nightmare. 

If a friend called to change plans, I panicked.
If my intuition nudged me in a different direction than my initial vision, I ignored it.
If a program wasn’t working, I just pushed harder instead of re-routing.

I was inflexible and incredibly attached to how I imagined things were supposed to go.
And when they didn’t, it felt like my world was crumbling.

For me, this was a result of living the first 7 years of my life in a war-struck country – where I never knew when the next bomb would strike.

For you, it might have been a different kind of “bomb” in your environment. Either way, you unconsciously learned to hold it all SO tightly.

Let’s observe the same pattern on an embodied level…

When we get on a dance floor, we usually have a particular dance move we naturally go to – whether we realize it or not.

We all have body patterns etched in us.

And as long as we move through the same familiar movements, we will have the same experience in our body. 

But the moment you twirl in the opposite direction or stretch through your non-dominant arm or linger in your exhale twice as long as usual, your movement will shift and it will kick off a whole new experience in your body. And your whole somatic world can open.

This is what a pivot does in your life. It disturbs the pattern and opens a whole new world of opportunities to you. Ones your conscious mind can’t even envision.

On January 2nd, I landed back in San Diego with a simple plan for January: clean up some systems and processes in my business, onboard all my new clients and have lots of space for the creation of two new EMBODY projects.

I’m writing this on February 2nd in NYC after an extreme pivot that took me from signing a lease on a beautiful house with 3 other awesome humans in sunny San Diego to moving to NYC (in February!) with two suitcases and no lease.

(Why I did that is for another email but I made this decision and executed it in 10 days.)

5 years ago, I would have never been able to pull that off. I would have fainted at the thought of it.


For those of us who have these controlling, rigid ways of operating…
whether in our business,
on the dance floor,
or in the bedroom,
… the pivot is a KEY tool.

Because the pivot is your intuition, your higher self, the universe working through you to create possibilities your nervous system doesn’t even know how to envision.

It’s outside your conscious parameters because your amygdala and your reptilian brain are blocking it out.

When you are unable to open and explore in your movement,
you will be unable to open to your lover,
and you will be unable to open to the Divine that wants to flow through you and into your business. 

And then you wonder why it’s not working and why you can’t connect with your intuition to create something bigger than you.

This is why EMBODIMENT is key. I will say it over and over again.

Because you are HOLDING ON. You are contracted. You are in fear. And you are focused on you.

Again, this is not because anything is wrong with you. On the contrary, you can give thanks to your body for being so wise and for your reptilian brain for trying to protect you.

But it’s no longer relevant. You aren’t in a war zone. You aren’t in the jungle. You are safe – and the world is your oyster.

So today: Try it.

Take 5 minutes today to put on a song that you love and move to it. Except go in the opposite direction. Use the other limb. Stretch a different way and see where it takes you. Breathe at a different pace and see what it does to you.

And then let me know… How did it feel? What came up for you?

What No One is Telling you about Why It’s Not Working!

What No One is Telling you about Why It’s Not Working!

In all my years of being both a student and teacher of embodiment, I’ve learned that nothing is more efficient in terms of changing deep patterns in your life than going straight to your body and breaking habitual patterns.

Whether structural patterns, nervous system patterns or muscular patterns – you have to adjust the inside “wiring” BEFORE you wonder why the outcomes aren’t what you expected.

You are not broken. Your mission is not irrelevant and no, the Universe isn’t punishing you for being a mean girl in high school.

Whether your mission is six-figure income, a sexy partner or self-actualization, it’s all the same.

You have to oil the machine, upgrade the software, address the system itself BEFORE berating yourself for your shitty results.

This is why I call my work Embodiment Coaching

(instead of Life Coaching or Leadership Coaching or Relationship Coaching.) 

It’s not that I don’t support all of those things. In fact, most of my current clients are working with me to support their leadership or their relationship – and we are just doing it THROUGH the body.

The body is the vehicle.

I coach people who want to move from a place of just surviving to truly thriving. 

Who want to take the mundane and turn it magical…

Who have the will, the vision and the passion…

But are missing some simple embodiment tools that will upgrade their entire experience…

Whether they are wanting to feel sexier in their dating lives,

Wanting to feel more powerful in their business,

Or wanting to create more impact and love with their presence.

Here are some places to start…

Want to feel more feminine? 
Play with SWIRLING, FLOWING, curvy movements. WATER in your veins.

Want to expand your freedom? 
Begin with embodying LIGHTNESS and AIR.

Want to feel more clear?
Work on finding your BALANCE and CENTER through the chaos. EARTH in your feet. Can you feel your BOUNDARIES?

Want to find your power? 
Find the FIRE in your body. SOVEREIGNTY in your movements. What does your YES feel like in your body? What about your NO?

Want to truly be able to let go?

Allow for ECSTASY in your EXHALE. Give yourself permission to make the mundane magical and to find the sensations of everything around you as though it were God/dess loving you.

Want to feel sexier?

Create more space and capacity for PLEASURE in your body. Through your touch, taste, sound and scent?

Want to trust more?

Work on following your stretch into uncertainty and allowing for your body to show you what’s possible. To allow your body to move out of habitual patterns, through uncertainty and into what’s possible.

This is Embodiment Coaching.

I’m very lucky to have a 1:1 coaching practice that is currently full.

However, we do have TWO spots left in my year-long mentorship program which begins February. 

This is the only way to work with me 1-on-1 at the moment.

It’s a carefully-curated journey where you dance through being a student of embodiment, training as a teacher of embodiment and leave as an embodied leader.

In addition to 9 private coaching sessions, you also receive bi-monthly calls with an intimate group of women who are all visionaries like yourself, struggling with the same stories, thoughts and patterns and wanting the same feelings of expansion & ease, confidence & impact, sensuality and pleasure in their lives (and business.)

You walk away certified to TEACH Embodiment as an Embody Teacher and use these tools in whatever practice or business you run, for yourself, your clients and the world around you.

Read more about what’s included and how to apply HERE.