I believe…

I believe…

I believe in a life filled with sensual magic, lots of belly laughs & a pleasure-filled, nourishing diet.

I try to dance as much as I try to snuggle under a soft, velvet blanket. I enjoy my steak & Bordeaux as much as I do my massive kale salad. I wake up each day and fiercely devote myself to a world where women can feel safe and vibrant in their sensual, erotic & gorgeous feminine bodies.

I believe in a combo of hustle & flow, of intensity & lightness, of excavating & championing.

I believe that a woman is most powerful when she can embrace her range. When she can embrace her feminine & her masculine. Her light & her dark. Her joy & her rage.

I believe that our bodies are boss. Always. And when we get on the same team, and start to understand how our bodies speak to us, we can see their innate way of recalibrating & healing themselves.

I believe that our path is one of shedding the agendas that have been plastered on our bodies,

Of stripping away the layers of messaging that have gotten stuck to our curves.

As your coach, I help you peel off the layers and shed a paradigm and a way of life that is no longer serving you. I guide you back to YOU.

The YOU that wants to find her place and pleasure in the world.

The YOU that wants to feel powerful and free without the constant pushing.

The YOU that wants to show up fully and radiantly but just doesn’t trust that she knows how.

My role is to help you hear your own voice again. You are wise. You are whole and no matter what the world keeps telling you, you don’t need fixing!

Let me hold your hand. This unbecoming journey ain’t easy. And let me tell you, it is exponentially more fun and safe and heart-opening when you have someone to champion and excavate with you.

I have spots for 3 new 1:1 clients in my practice again. If you are ready to strip, shed and reclaim YOU, let’s have a chat.

You can book a time here.

Irrespective of whether we connect this time around or not, I want you to know, I see you. And you’re kicking ass.

A Pleasured Woman Is The Biggest Turn On

A Pleasured Woman Is The Biggest Turn On


Laurie-Anne King is a relationship coach dedicated to helping women claim their authentic power and have extraordinary romantic relationships.

During our time together, I opened up for the first time about the secrets of my relationship and we chatted about:

  • How I utilized shared values to find my soul mate
  • Breakthrough the myths around “emotional women” and tap in to the power of your own vulnerability
  • Discover how simply being witnessed or acknowledged can alleviate your problems
  • Learn why you need to be pleasured to be authentically sexy

Watch the interview >> HERE <<