Community Commitments

At Embody, we believe that embodied humans will heal the world. HEAL means to WHOLE. Part of becoming whole is about understanding the interconnectedness of EVERYTHING.

This means that none of us are free until we are all free.

And at Embody our commitment is to creating a world of new leaders with a new paradigm. One that threads together a social, political, spiritual and service-based lens of the world. 

This means that everything we do, we do in service of ourselves as well as our indigenous, POC and LGBTQ+ family. This means that our programs are trauma-informed and although working on trauma itself is outside the scope of our practice, we are constantly educating ourselves and our staff/teachers with more and more tools as they become available. We train our staff/teachers on the impact of language, the essence of creating inclusive spaces and how to teach through a trauma-informed lens. 

Our Embody Curriculum has been reviewed and approved by 3 independent trauma educators and experts trained in Somatic Experiencing, Alchemical Alignment, Psychotherapy and Trauma-informed Yoga. 

We believe that dismantling systemic and internal Racism is a lifelong journey – and as we do the work of educating ourselves and opening our individual eyes, we are currently searching for the right fit for a diversity and inclusion consultant to join our team and open our eyes to all that we are inevitably still missing. (If you have a recommendation, you can submit it here.)

For the last few years, Embody has offered scholarships to underserved and underrepresented woman. However, we are looking to find methods that go deeper and offer more sustainability than just offering financial relief. We are interested in systemic and mindset shifts that uplift and empower. 

A percentage of the proceeds of different Embody events have gone to:

Vday’s City of Joy – Congo Project

Planned Parenthood

Together Rising

Real Justice

The National Foundation of Free & Charitable Clinics 

Claire’s Place Foundation

A few other things we stand by:

Although we believe in an open forum for respectful dialogue, we never tolerate hate speech. 

Our goal is to only collaborate with other coaches, programs and companies that parallel our commitments to diversity, integrity, inclusion and trauma-sensitivity. 

This means prioritizing projects that demonstrate an intent to include and highlight underrepresented folx. 

This means building our roster of POC-run businesses that we can financially support. And sharing resources like this list of 150 black-owned businesses.

This means prioritizing hiring a phenomenal WOC to our team (have any recs?) and increasing the number of WOC on our teaching team through scholarships and collaborations. 

Our interconnectedness means we also do our best to run an eco-friendly and sustainable business. Our programs are 90% digital with very little paper, postage and gas use. When booking business travel, we donate to offsetting our carbon footprint when the option is available to us. 


At the end of the day, we love you. We are a small team doing our best to operate with full integrity.

We humbly recognize that we are always students and always have more to learn. So if there is something you feel we could do better, we would love to hear from you.

If you see a misalignment in any of our collaborations or if you, yourself, experience or witness anything that doesn’t align with these commitments in any of our Embody spaces online or in-person, please, please, please let us know.