Along with story-telling and singing, dance is the most common practice amongst different cultures across the world and across time.

This is NOT a coincidence.

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Before talk therapy. Before sharing on FB. Before girl’s night over martinis – there was dance.

Dance was a prayer.
Dance was a cleansing of the body & soul.
Dance was a way to maintain your sanity.
Dance was a way to commune with yourself, with nature and with your community.
Dance was a non-negotiable.
It was part of life – like eating, sleeping and making love.

Now, we live in a world that is increasingly westernized, with more and more focus on productivity which usually means more and more time in front of a screen instead of moving in our bodies.

There is no more space for dancing.
There is no more space for embodiment.
There is no more space for communing with ourselves sans Instagram.

We have to actively create it.

And this is why I’m so passionate about embodiment & dance. It has stood the test of time. It is a global language that speaks to every human. It is a primal way for us to connect back to our roots, our essence and our truth.

If you’ve figured out the mind piece, and you’ve done the talk therapy piece and you’ve hired the business strategist and you are still feeling empty, heavy and disconnected or like you’re hitting a wall – it could be because you haven’t incorporated what humankind has known for centuries…
Dance is vital to our spirit!

If it wasn’t, it simply wouldn’t be widespread across all cultures and throughout time.

If you’ve been feeling frustrated and unable to connect to your body,
If you’ve been desiring adding in an embodiment piece to your teaching in the world,
Or if you KNOW the power of letting your body lead and would love to spread the healing effects of dance therapy,

Embody Teacher Training could be for you!

You’ve got a few more days to apply. Deadline is Feb 15th. 

After you apply, you will be able to connect with me 1:1 to see if it’s a fit.

Want to hear an insider’s perspective? 
Stephanie Burg (a fellow Embody Teacher) & I jammed on her experience in training which you can watch her below and read more about her here.