Does Your Coach Have These Two Rs?

The Coaching Industry is notorious for boasting about launch numbers or monthly revenue.⁠

Important indicators. For sure.⁠

But what I don’t find anyone ever talking about is ⁠

Repeat Clients ⁠



There is so much focus on the shiny graphics and launches…⁠

But are these amazing marketers delivering on their promises? Are they actually coaching well?⁠

Because I’ve been hearing some stories… ⁠

Ok so…⁠

One way to find out is to see if they have the following two Rs.⁠ Ask them about these stats on the exploration call or when you email their team. ⁠

~ 75% of my business comes from referrals. Meaning NOT from social media or email marketing. This happens because a client loves our work together and tells her sister or her friend. This is because my colleagues trust me to teach in their programs year after year and firmly stand by my ability to deliver.⁠ This happens because I’ve always prioritized a level of excellence in delivery over-promoting. ⁠

In 2021 so far, 5 out of my private 1:1 clients have been repeat clients. Meaning they have worked with me for 6 months and have decided to extend for another 6 months – or signed up for 6 months after a private immersion.⁠

Don’t get me wrong. I still love beautiful shiny graphics.⁠

AND… it’s not what you should hire me for.⁠

I love writing to you all every week.⁠

AND… it’s not what you should hire me for.⁠

You should hire me because I’m a transformational coach.⁠

I had a beautiful first call with a woman today who remarked “Nadia, this coaching call has just shifted more than MONTHS of coaching for me.”⁠

This is why you should hire me. ⁠


P.S. For a few weeks, I’m offering 90-mins embodiment sessions. Like single sessions. This rarely is a thing. Normally, to get me as your coach you must invest 5 figures. DM me if you wanna learn more. ⁠