As I sat in our backyard a few days ago, watching a hummingbird buzz around the lemon tree while I sipped my coffee, I thought about mornings.

When I first entered the personal development space, I kept hearing so much buzz about morning routines. Wake up at 5am. Take an ice bath. Do 100 sprints. Sit. Meditate. Drink a gallon of green juice. Then do 100 gratitudes while you Wim Hof breathe in the shower. Pop your supplements between each breath.

The pressure to conform to this type of morning got exponentially more intense when I started dating a life coach who was up at 5:30am doing all those things.

I would crawl out of bed at 7:30 already feeling like a failure. The shoulds would haunt me and suddenly my spirituality had an assigned to-do list.

For a while, I tried it. And for a while, I hated it.

Now, I just come back to what always felt the best to me. Sipping my morning coffee in silence.

Spirituality is in the simplicity.

Get real quiet. And just be. Drink in the sounds. Breath in the space. Feel what’s in your heart.

If you can sit with that…
If you can be in that…
If you can savor the simple…

You have figured it out.

The one thing I hope everyone gets out of this tragedy, out of this chaos, and out of this quarantine…

It’s that you don’t really need much.

Just space to be with you. To feel yourself closer each day.

My morning coffees are my ode to life.
It is the sacred silence that I tap into so I can hold steady through the chaos of the rest of the day.

I didn’t learn it in an e-course.
I wasn’t prescribed it in a productivity book.

It’s my time to be with me.
It’s my time to be with Spirit.

It’s my time to appreciate the simple things and remind myself that I need nothing except inner peace.

If we just took one hour each morning to feel, to be and to embody our reality…

Instead of trying to shove DOING into it, I think we’d all be a lot happier.

I know I am.

How have you been doing less but connecting more? Comment and let me know.