Embody will now be live on Zoom Mondays & Thursdays!

If you are having a hard time navigating through the external noise and the internal anxiety, we invite you into an Embody practice together live online.

Twice a week, different Embody teachers will be teaching a 1-hour feminine movement class specifically designed to help you tap into your pleasure, power and play.

The focus is emotional and energetic alchemy through release and remembrance.

We will be using different somatic tools that are specifically designed to shake out stress so you can find the internal peace you are looking for.

Join us Mondays from 6-7pm EDT & Thursdays from 12-1pm EDT in the following Zoom Room: https://zoom.us/j/818159587

Embody Online

We begin Thursday 3/26 @ 12pm EDT with Bria Anderson kicking us off, followed by yours truly teaching next Monday at 6pm EDT.

(A reminder that this is a space for women-identifying folx only.) 

Monday, 6-7pm EDT  —  March 30th  —  Nadia Munla
Thursday, 12-1pm EDT —   April 2nd  —  Katelyn Warren
Monday, 6-7pm EDT  —  April 6th  —  Tasha Brandt
Thursday, 12-1pm EDT  —  April 9th  —  Cara Viana
Monday, 6-7pm EDT  —  April 13th  —  Camila Marquez
Thursday, 12-1pm EDT  —  April 16th  —  Kendra Tanner
Monday, 6-7pm EDT  —  April 20th  —  Stephanie Burg
Thursday, 12-1pm EDT  —  April 23rd  —  Cara Viana
Monday, 6-7pm EDT  —  April 27th  —  Nicole Xiques
Thursday, 12-1pm EDT  —  April 30th  —  Nadia Munla

You can read more about each teacher here.

Suggested donation is $10 and can be sent to @Nadia-Munla on Venmo or via PayPal friends and family to Nadia Munla. 100% of the proceeds go to a charitable Covid-19-related cause.