Each month we feature one of our Embody Teachers. This month is Lindsey Winkler!

Lindsey teaches classes in Louisville, KY.

Lindsey Winkler has been a pilates instructor since 2011. Her love and passion has been to help her clients move from the inside out and have a deeper understanding of body awareness. She has also been on her own healing journey since her early twenties. It wasn’t until she started dabbling with other healing modalities that Embody came into her life. All the “hard work” she had been doing to heal fell away when she started to dance away the stuck emotions that couldn’t be reached or expressed through words.

Lindsey believes that the internal wisdom of our body knows the way to healing. A dancer at heart. Lindsey likes to live her life like she’s dancing in the streets. She is thrilled to offer Embody to help empower, heal, transform, and expand more openness in the lives and bodies of womxn in her community of Louisville, Ky.

For information on Lindsey’s classes in Louisville, check out @pilates.louisville.