Each month we feature one of our Embody Teachers. This month is Misha Everts!

Misha is a mom, military spouse, holistic health coach, and self-admitted hippy at heart. Misha lives in the Midwest US with her family love of nature. Embody quickly found a special place in Misha’s body during her first Embody class. While dancing with 300 other women, she quickly realized how numb she had been in her core being. That class immediately led her on a journey to discover more about embodiment as a whole. She believes that the path to true health and wellness has to start in your body and not in your head. Having the tools and awareness to use the full range of emotionality is the essential magic to clearing blocks and healing for the feminine. Tapping into that magic within starts with Embody. So let’s hijack the magic inside us together. See you in class.

For information on Misha’s classes in St. Robert, check out @misha.everts.