Forget About Semantics & Let’s Focus on Somatics

If you’re getting caught up in the labels or words, perhaps I can offer you a new way in.⁠

One free of the baggage that “masculine” & “feminine” now carry.⁠

For many years, my focus was operating my business in a more “feminine” way.⁠

It was a way to balance out the years I operated in my full-on masculine as a film producer.⁠ ⁠
And it was a very important step in my process.⁠

Now I operate from a place of wholeness.⁠

I believe all of our journeys lead us to a place of wholeness.⁠
It’s just sometimes we must tip the scales one way to reach balance.⁠

Wholeness may look different for you than it does for me.⁠
But we must all reach wholeness to feel complete and healthy.⁠

We must find our own unique ratio of the static & dynamic expression of our inner feminine/yin/omega & masculine/yang/alpha. ⁠

Everyone has been so focused on semantics.⁠
When it’s really about the somatics.⁠

The way this shows up in embodied practice is:⁠
➡️ Grounding⁠
➡️ Desiring⁠
➡️ Activating⁠
➡️ Surrendering.⁠

These 4 energies have become the pillars of my practice and a new way of doing life that is in devotion of our unique expression in the world – irrespective of gender or social roles.⁠

(Both my signature workshops use this framework.)⁠

We don’t have time to waste anymore.⁠
Our planet and our health are dependent on more whole and fully-expressed humans walking around.⁠

Are you ready?⁠

Let’s do it. ⁠