Happiness Does Not Increase With More Money

Any entrepreneur working hard to hit the 6 figure threshold will disagree with me.

They are right.

This is because there are essentially two phases in the money journey.

And in the first phase, people are just trying to make their business viable and manageable.

In this phase, more money CAN equal more happiness. 💸

When you finally hit six figures and up, you start to relax.

All is good.

Around this point – and this varies for people… But somewhere around the 200-300K mark, an extra 100K starts to feel less exciting than that first 100k.

The happiness curve dips.

(And quite honestly, businesses often get SO expensive to run as they grow…)

In the second phase, your survival needs are met.

Which means your needs change.

When I work with my clients in the second phase,

I’ve often found that its NOT the extra money that makes them happier or more fulfilled. ❌

It’s something deeper.

Clients in this phase often come to me run down, burnt out and unhappy after spending years working with business coaches.

They have more than enough strategy,

They KNOW how to make more money.

They already have the community and audience.

But something feels off. 🧐

This is where I come in. ✨

We get clear on where there is misalignment.
How can they feel aliveness and pleasure coursing through their veins?
Are they spending most of the day pushing past their body’s needs?
(and many more Qs that don’t fit here)

Because fulfillment – after you’ve handled safety and survival – does not come from more money.
It comes from truth,
It comes from alignment,
It comes from your embodied expression in the world.

And your body is the portal into that. 💫

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