I know the world right now is frightening.
I know it can feel easiest to curl into a ball and stay there.
But I’m here to remind you that you have what it takes to ask for support where you need it.
And you have Embody as a practice to help pull you out.
Not through thinking your way out of it.
But moving your way out of it.

How does Embodiment help us now?

Pleasure allows us to be in the “Now”.

Feeling our anger allows us to cultivate an ability, in our nervous system, to stay steady and strong through the ever-changing chaos of unprecedented times.

Connecting to our scared inner Little Girl allows us to feel safe and loved within, instead of depending on external comforts and distractions.

All of these combined lead us to power.

And right now the world needs us to be powerful.

Not the old paradigm of power. No… That just crumbled.

The new paradigm. The one no one can take away from us. Not even a pandemic.

Here are some ways in which you can resource yourself or join our powerful army of Warrior Queens:

1) If you are finding yourself struggling, join one of our (donation-based) Embody Online Classes. Just show up to this link, (turn off your camera if you are shy) and move your body with other womxn doing the same.

2) Embody Teacher Training 2020. We begin May 11 and we have two spots left. The womxn who have joined so far are phenomenal. They are ready to change their lives and the lives of others through embodied leadership. From Lebanon to Australia, these womxn are visioning a new world where embodiment is queen. You can still apply here.

3) Gifting yourself a coaching session in April. (I only have 5 spots!)

I know in times like these, it can feel challenging to dish out money for things that feel like “luxury items” in your mind.

But think about it, is it a luxury to have your own daily embodiment practice so you can wake up inspiration and creativity and pivot your business/help you find the next job?

Is it a luxury to finally understand why each time you are stressed you end up eating the entire box of cookies and finally nourish yourself with pleasure instead of high-fructose corn syrup?

It is a luxury to lovingly put down the sword that has you battling uncertainty with controlling behavior & over-productivity – and finally find the trust within you?

What about if you are quarantined with your partner? 
Is it a luxury to finally figure out why you seem to be fantasizing running far far away and never coming back – even though you know you love them?
Is it a luxury to have communication frameworks that help smooth out the day-to-day interactions so you can stop your secret eye-rolling?
What if I told you, you could even want to jump each other’s bones again? Yes. It’s true.

Everything we are currently struggling with is simply being magnified by the pandemic.

But don’t be fooled. These habits, beliefs, relationship dynamics and worldviews will stay even when life gets back to normal.

Gift yourself a chance to change that once and for all. Or just gift yourself a chance to take one small step in that direction.

I want this for you, which is why I’m currently offering single sessions – something I rarely do! 

These are $111 and can be booked by emailing info@nadiamunla.com.

(I’m also offering 2 couples a chance to book a 3 session package with me for just $333 (normally $750).)

You have options.
Ask for support.
What does your scared inner Little Girl need?
What does your Soul need?
And how can you take one small step closer to asking for those?

Loving you.

You got this!