I Refuse to be Anyone but Myself

I’m not gonna make myself dance and point to words on reels.⁠

I’m not gonna stay silent about hypocrisy and misalignment I see in the world.⁠

I’m not gonna address every damn political and social issue on the planet just to avoid getting canceled.⁠

And while we are talking about cancel culture,⁠

I’m not gonna contort myself into a palatable shape for people in my life who can’t roll with my depth and truth.⁠

I’m not gonna redo the Instagram story because it was a bad angle.⁠

And I’m not gonna prepare a script for anything in my life.⁠

I am me.⁠
This is my gift to the world.⁠
I won’t apologize.⁠
I won’t get small.⁠
I won’t hide my tender heart.⁠
And I won’t shy away from hissing at your misalignment.⁠

I’m not easily digestible.⁠
And I’m not fluffy.⁠

And I refuse to have the world turn me into a social media zombie addicted to likes who’s forgotten her manners and lost her center.⁠

I’m not here to perform for you.⁠
I’m here to elevate you.