I Want to Talk About the Loss of Our Innocence

Today, during my movement practice I was surprised by the sudden rage I felt to a seemingly sweet song by P!nk. ⁠

Her and her daughter sang “Cover me with sunshine” while I found myself wanting to punch a wall.⁠

I dug deep into my muscles – the way I’ve learned to release energy – and before I knew it I was on the floor weeping.⁠

I was weeping for the loss of innocence.⁠

In all of us.⁠

With the veil truly lifting on all the darkness in the world, we are being faced with a loss of innocence – collectively.⁠

We are being asked to do such deep shadow work in this moment of history that we’ve had to grow up and sober up real fast.⁠

Every day is arduous work.⁠

To stay regulated.⁠

To stay updated.⁠

To stay connected.⁠

And so my body would like to remind you today to do 2 things:⁠

1. Make space to grieve the loss of our innocence (which may include wanting to punch a wall because you don’t really want to grow up.)⁠

2. Make space to bring it back with play, with silliness, with sweetness, with unabashed love.⁠

Because that will be the most revolutionary thing you can do right now.⁠

To recalibrate the duality.⁠
To embrace the polarity.⁠
To balance out the disillusion with innocence.⁠

That’s all…⁠

Carry on…⁠

*Oh and to clarify….I’m not suggesting you ACTUALLY punch a wall. If you need to punch something, punch a pillow.⁠

P.S. If you want to learn to release your rage in a healthy way, join us for the next Embody Effect on December 3rd.