If I Could Wave a Magic Wand…

If I could wave a magic wand, here’s what I would want for us…⁠

I would want a world where we all feel free in our bodies,⁠

Where we feel expansive, sensual and alive…⁠

Where taking a breath feels orgasmic…⁠

Where making a sound feels orgasmic…⁠

Where you can love others while loving yourself…⁠

Where you don’t have to choose between belonging and expressing…⁠

And where you are in deep reverence of this human life in this human body.⁠

That’s what I want.⁠

I wake up every day and dedicate my life to creating a world that feels this way.⁠

And I’m inviting you into it on December 3rd.⁠

The Embody Effect is a chance for you to dip your toe into this world.⁠

A little touch of what your body can experience when you do this work.⁠

I’ve opened this up to everyone in the community. For free.⁠

I’ll see you in there.⁠

P.S. All women, femmes & women-identifying folx are welcome.