I’m Addicted to Heartbreak

As much as it hurts to feel the gut-wrenching pain of my heart breaking into a thousand pieces,⁠

…There is something about it that I absolute love.⁠

…Something I savor like a fine wine.⁠

After the storm of heartbreak,⁠
There is that tender feeling like a newborn bird trying to find its wings⁠
There is a cleansing, a baptism that comes with all the tears⁠
There is a deep remembrance that the melancholy of human existence is why we are here.⁠

I’m addicted to heartbreak because I’m addicted to aliveness.⁠

Everyone will do everything in their capacity to avoid heartbreak⁠
We grasp for control, for power, for ego.⁠
We allude ourselves with stories and fantasies.⁠
And cloud our vision with lies. ⁠

Anything and everything to avoid heartbreak!⁠

But in avoiding heartbreak, we avoid the depths of our aliveness.⁠

We don’t give ourselves fully.⁠
We don’t allow ourselves to receive fully.⁠

In all the years of working with shamans, priestesses, coaches, therapists and with God, I’ve come to realize that…⁠

It’s really one thing that will liberate you.⁠..⁠

Your capacity to allow your heart to break.⁠
And over.⁠
And over again.⁠

In devotion to aliveness.