I’m Heartbroken

Here’s the truth.⁠

I’m heartbroken.⁠

The fire that burns in my belly is a fire of love.⁠ ❤️‍🔥⁠

Love for our aliveness.⁠
Our planet.⁠
Our bodies.⁠

Love for a simpler way of being.⁠
Love for a more nuanced way of leading.⁠

But no matter how loud I shout it off the rooftops, ⁠
I feel like no one’s stepping up.⁠

I talk about big picture macro-level visionary shit because this is what we need to do to champion our humanity.⁠

But I look around,⁠

And everyone is still stuck in the rat race⁠ ⁠

Or in their suffering.⁠

And I get it.⁠

“Fill your cup first.”⁠

I have so much compassion for the suffering hearts, the damage of the last few years will be felt for decades to come. ⁠

But I cannot sit here and JUST speak to your individual journey with health, wealth and relationships… ⁠

This paradigm of speaking to your own individual pain is old.⁠

It’s linear. It’s stale. And it’s toxic.⁠

And I refuse.⁠

I refuse to make my vision smaller to only speak to you about your sex life or just about your health or just about amplifying your income.⁠

I refuse.⁠

We are a web.⁠

And we have got to tend to that.⁠

I always feel most alive when I can step away from my own shit and I just show up and serve my community.⁠

Because that is where we come alive.⁠ ✨⁠

When we feel our impact.⁠

I’m a master at this and this is why I only work with a few women a year. This is why I’m not factory-farming e-courses. ⁠

Join us. Serve yourself by serving the world.⁠

This is the feminine way.⁠

Enough of the performative, filtered and pretty feminine.⁠ ❌⁠

It’s time to get fierce with the fire of your heart and burn away the bullshit.⁠ 🔥⁠

Who’s with me?⁠

Head to embodybynadia.com if this is how you want to start the year.