I’m not interested in being a Goddess
who sprinkles fairy dust
and a side of spiritual bypassing into her vegan breakfast every morning.

I want to be a human.
A woman
Who sinks her teeth into the juicy flesh of life
Who sucks the marrow out of every challenge.
Who makes love to the shadow as much as the light.

I’m not interested in being a Boss Babe
Who has a factory of courses
That prints out cash
At the expense of my freedom
and the freedom of others.

I want to be a Leader
Who has an ecosystem of sustainability
that allies with the God instead of trying to play God
who allows the garden in her business to bloom in Spring and get quiet in Winter.

I’m not interested in being a 7-figure Business owner
who overrides her nervous system in favor of external validation.
I want to be a 7-dimensional Tantrika
who doesn’t need to reach outside of herself for wealth
because her internal landscape is the richest soil in her universe.

I’m not interested in scaling into an Empire.
I’m not interested in crushing it.
We’ve crushed enough.
By sucking, plucking and extracting from the earth and her creatures.

I want to be co-create and co-habitate.
I want each offering I create to be part of my offering to the Earth.
I want each person I work with to land into a level of intimacy and depth
with themselves that they cannot ignore the earth’s cries.

That’s what I’m here for.