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Below you will find a few of my favorite tools that I’ve used on my journey to becoming an embodied leader.


Embodied Wholeness Meditation

A way to feel all the four different energies in you in your body.

Use this meditation to get clear on how you can use them to make you the best leader or business owner out there.

Coaching with Nadia

Listen as Nadia coaches a client through her fear of being seen in her fullest expression.

Learn how you can apply these same principles in your own life.

Nadia speaks about Embodied Power

Key teaching points from the masterclass Embody your Power.

Nadia Munla

Hi, I’m Nadia Munla

I am an Embodiment & Intimacy Coach and the creator of Embody by Nadia™. Through private coaching and my Embody Certification, I help visionaries reach embodied expression in their love & leadership. 

My core belief is that embracing our full range is the way we access our deepest potential and create space for an Embodied Union that heals the planet.

If you’re ready to become a powerfully embodied leader,
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