Let’s Talk About Intimacy


Into me you see.⁠

See into me.⁠

Will you?⁠


All of us just want to be seen.⁠

Ultimately, this is the core of what so many of us desire.⁠

However, ⁠

Here is where we get confused.⁠

We outsource the seeing.⁠

This looks like: ⁠

“Please see me instagram!!!!” ⁠

“Please recognize my efforts Daddy.”⁠

“Please hear my heart’s whispers dear man on dating app.”⁠

And when we are not received in that desire, our heart breaks.⁠

Intimacy with others, with the world, with God… ⁠

HAS to begin with yourself.⁠

And this can only happen through EMBODIMENT.⁠

Are you seeing yourself? ⁠

Are you slowing down enough to “see” YOU?⁠

The little girl inside of you that is scared.⁠
The powerful woman in you that is powerful.⁠
The sensual siren in you that is lusting for yum.⁠

Are you seeing you?⁠

Maybe start there.⁠

I invite you to look at yourself in the mirror. Literally. ⁠

Look and see you.⁠
Into you you see.⁠
Because intimacy starts with yourself.⁠
With your body.⁠

Look into the mirror⁠
And tell me what you see…⁠


Embody by Nadia is currently accepting applications. It’s the most in-depth way to work with me… Let’s see into you – together. ⁠