I hope you are taking care of your heart and your nervous system during this time.

So much is unfolding… Just a reminder to strive for balance.

Show up for the outside world.
And show up for yourself.
Your body. Your heart. Your needs. Your truth.

Personally, this means I’ve been using more embodiment tools like Embody-at-Home.

To fill my cup, I’ve been going back to simple pleasures like romantic period movies and 80s songs to lift my spirits.

And I’ve created the latest Embody-at-home based on this idea… lifting our spirits.

I’m so excited because this has been in the making for a while…

Embody at Home 80's Edition

Embody-at-Home: The 80s Edition.

Non-stop 80’s goodness.

With covers, remixes and some originals, you will get to dance to Price, Tiffany, Depeche Mode, Roxette, and lots more…