Gone are the distractions.

Gone are the comforts.

Gone are the days where the external landscape held us up.


This isn’t a competition in compassion.

This isn’t a competition in productivity or perspective.


This isn’t a survival of the fittest game.

Because physical or financial strength no longer wins. 


The rules of the game have changed.


This is your journey back to grace.

Your journey back to love.

Your journey back to you.


The winners are those who are mastering their inner landscape.

Through tending to the soil of their being.


And planting the seeds of safety in their cells.

Through watering the love in their hearts.


And watching a new consciousness grow within.



I’ve been quietly tracking everyone’s experience in the last month. From client sessions to girlfriends to my own internal fluctuations.


Noticing the different fears that are causing contraction in our bodies.

And also noticing the sovereign centers of so many around me.

And also noticing their shame around feeling sovereign and centered.


“I actually feel resourced.”

“I’m doing better than before the pandemic.”

“I bizarrely feel more supported now than ever.”


Yesterday in Kundalini class, my teacher Sheel mentioned how we are constantly renegotiating our relationship to the earth’s magnetic field when we hold our arms up during long meditations. 


She spoke about how in that process, we are essentially signaling to the earth that we can and are sovereign beings. But eventually, we also let our arms go because we are also part of the earth – and so gravity will eventually take a toll. 


My sense is the same is happening for many of us. We are quietly re-negotiating our individual relationship to collective consciousness. We are all one and also we are separate.


The never-ending dance of being a human. Oneness. Separation. Oneness. Separation. And all the spaces in between that offer us growth. 



The earth is recalibrating and since we are part of the earth so are our individual cells.


Divinity. Humanity. Divinity. Humanity. 


We are never in one or the other completely. But instead, we are skipping and dancing back and forth like a game of hopscotch.


Allow yourself this game.


Allow yourself a lightness in the suffering.


Allow yourself a chance to laugh at your own humanity.


Allow yourself a chance to cradle your terrified inner child.


Give yourself permission to see the beauty in the tragedy. The tragedy in the beauty.


Give yourself permission to grow bigger as the world crumbles.


Give yourself permission to crumble as the world grows bigger.


There is no right or wrong. It’s all a dance. A hopscotch game.


So giggle. Weep. Let your heart break into a million pieces and then breathe in. 


Breath into all of it. Let it infiltrate your cells.


Your broken heart is what the world needs right now.

Your hopeful sovereignty is what the world needs right now.

Your dance between oneness and separation. Love and Despair. Divinity and Humanity. 

This is what the world needs right now.


More feelings.

More being.

More dissolution.

More re-negotiating of our relationship to ourselves and mama earth. 


Because like any relationship, when things aren’t working, we must sit down at the table and bring our broken hearts. Our fear. Our hope. Our sovereignty. And our love. In hopes of mending what isn’t working.


And offer ourselves to something greater. 


Art by Tina Marie Elena. 

(Mother Nature nr. 6)