I’m so bored.

I’m bored of the same old marketing tactics and elaborate funnels.
I’m bored of scarcity tactics, hidden pricing and inflated payment plans.
I’m bored of hearing about 6 & 7-figure businesses that file for bankruptcy the next year.

I’m sick of the rhetoric that scares business-owners into believing that we are screwed unless we employ masculine pressure-oriented sales strategies.
I’m sick of thought-leaders who aren’t walking their talk & preaching that their way is THE way.
I’m sick of forced expression & scheduled social media posts with stale energy.

I’m just over it.

Now, I’m not writing this to shit all over online business.
On the contrary, I’m trying to elevate us.
And this starts with looking at my own mis-steps, miscalculations and mistakes from my first 3 years in business.

Most of those things I just listed above, I’ve tried at some point.


I wanted my business to thrive. I dove into online business with a beginner’s mind – open to trying anything. What I knew for sure was that I wanted to change people’s lives while earning enough to sustain myself and nourish my desire for a sensually-rich life….

…So I tried on different business outfits:

  • Following the formulas for funnels and all the things I couldn’t give two fucks about.
  • Accepting that it was my job to help coax clients into purchasing a program.
  • Surrendering into scheduling my expression because any good business has a well-laid out editorial calendar, right?

It sucked. Like wearing a really suffocating latex suit when I was desiring a flowy goddess dress. (Ps nothing wrong with latex suits when the time is right. It’s just not what I would wear to the office, personally.)

But at the time, I got sucked into the rhetoric of: “Oh I’m just getting in my own way” “This is my resistance to going big.” “No pain, no gain.” – The usual.

But now that I’ve experimented, learned, brushed myself off numerous times, hung my head in shame other times, and toasted to some beautiful victories, I feel pretty confident that all these tactics I tried felt icky because they were SO OUT OF INTEGRITY with my own values.

So for the new year, I’m going through my business closet and throwing out all the outfits that no longer fit.

And here is what it’s going to look like.

My Commitments to you moving forward…

Inspired Expression

What this means for you: I will not have a newsletter email going out exactly every other week Fridays at 10am est. Instead, it will appear in your inbox fresh from my soul, guided by divine timing. Same goes for social media. Quality not quantity is my jam.

The intention: To not cramp your inbox (or feed) with fluff. If you hear from me, I think what I’m writing about is of major value to you – whether it’s an event, an inspired post or a new playlist. I will only share programs & products that I have either taken myself or 100% vouch for. I will never take your subscription to my mailing list for granted. I will never collaborate with anyone who only sees you as a number.

Soft, Compassionate, Trauma-Sensitive Sales Calls

What this means for you: A guarantee that if you book a complimentary exploration call with me, I will actively listen to your desires, your dreams and your goals while also honoring your thresholds, and your boundaries. I will listen with compassion and will never try to coerce you into buying anything from us. I will honor your body’s YESes and her NOs.

Because I believe that you get to decide what’s right for you. I may offer different perspectives to try on but ultimately, you are ALWAYS in charge – as you should be. I will never pitch you with a script, a tactic or a false sense of scarcity. If I say there are 2 spots left, there are only 2 spots left.

The intention: Making sure you feel safe, heard and loved.

More Inclusivity & Accessibility

What this means for you: I will offer more extended payment plans for higher end services and I will offer more affordable maintenance plans for clients who have already worked with me in a program container. I will try to offer scholarship slots where viable. These slots will prioritize humans who are less visible in self-development spaces such as LGBTQ/WOC/citizens of developing countries/single parents and so on…)

The intention: More Voices in this arena, please. More Perspectives. More Options. I’ve hated hearing over and over again that money is the obstacle. As someone who usually pays more for coaching monthly than rent, I really understand the struggle. Following my body’s YESES has accrued quite a chunk of change on my credit card bills – because personal development is a key value of mine. And I know it’s yours too. Since my programs are priced based on their cost, I can’t change the price of the program per se but what I can do is help honor your body’s YES by offering extended payment plans.

A Socially-Conscious Business

What this means for you: You can have peace of mind that I am not secretly clubbing baby seals behind closed doors #badjoke. I will actively work on hiring a more diverse team, keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum, and keeping our eyes out for the important social & political causes out there – especially with regards to womxn. You will have more opportunities to support the charities that empower womxn while also investing in your own journey.

The intention: Evolution. Growth. Stretching ourselves. Basically. This means my door is open to any constructive feedback you would like to give about something we may have missed or done faulty. This does NOT mean we are open to ranty, aggressive emails about how we suck, but rather, eye-opening inquiries you offer us from a sweet, loving, intentional place.

In 2015, we sent hundreds of dollars to Eve Ensler’s Vday. Last year, we did the same for Planned Parenthood. Right now, I am setting the intention to offer at least 1 event each year where proceeds go to a charity. (Have a charity you LOVE? Drop me a line here.) (I’m also hiring a new VA – so if you have diverse recs, drop me a line as well!)

Holistic Embodiment Coaching

What this means for you: When you work with me, you are gifting yourself an opportunity to look at your embodiment journey from a 360 lens – to deepen your connection to your body on ALL levels. I have the unique ability to guide you through both the challenges you encounter in your physical body as well as the desires you have to connect to your sensuality, your feminine energy and your full emotional range.

As a certified Holistic Health Coach & Movement Practitioner, I can offer equal expertise in both nutrition & hormonal health AS WELL as embodiment practices & sensuality. And that combination is why clients walk away feeling like they have a life-altering transformation. Because it’s not just about one or the other. It’s about the whole enchilada. And no, by working with me, you don’t ever have to stop eating enchiladas. It’s your god-given right. Cuz #pleasure. 

The intention: Feeling free and light WHILE you nourish your body and cultivating a deeper love for her.

I’m INSANELY inspired and excited by what’s in store in 2018. We will be offering a couple rounds of Embody Teacher Training (apply for the Spring round HERE), a new e-course in the spirit of more accessibility, and many more Embody dance classes across the country (SCHEDULE HERE).

As always, I have a revolving open door for one-on-one coaching. If 2018 is your year of embodiment, sensuality, nourishment or lightness, hit me up. I have a few spots open right now.

So much love to you.

To throwing out what no longer serves us and calling in what’s in our highest good.