My Partnership is What I’m Most Proud of in My Life

…And it’s what I brag about the least,

Interestingly 😎.

Perhaps, it’s my fear of celebrating something so precious to me and then losing it.

Or worrying that no one will believe me.

Perhaps, I’m scared of people’s envy.

Or I sometimes feel “undeserving”.

Perhaps, I don’t feel entitled to brag until it’s been 25 years of “success”.

It’s probably a little bit of all…

But what feels the most true is that I’m often just at a loss of words at what a ✨miracle✨ it is.

Every day I am surprised.

.. By our ability to navigate life so smoothly – even when shit gets SO sticky.

.. By our bottomless passion for each other.

.. By our ever-deepening respect for each others’ sovereignty.

And the devotion to Love above all.

I am in awe of how we can just be ourselves no matter.

And be loved in that (though not always liked 😝).

It took years of us doing our individual work,
Him grounding into his unwavering power.
And me centering my devotion to Love above all.

They say partnership takes work…

I honestly don’t find our relationship to be work.

It’s devotional.
It’s a practice.
It’s a way of being.
And a way of loving ourselves while loving each other and loving the world around us.

It is a way of balancing our yin and yang.
It is a way of coming together in Embodied Union.

For the world.

And that feels natural.
And easy.
And like it’s always been.

It feels more like a remembering than a learning.
More like an exhale than an inhale.
More being, less doing.

The hard work is the de-programming, the releasing, the shedding of anything that isn’t you.

After that, it’s not work.
It’s just being.

And that is something Chris & I excel at.

Individually and together.

Well… he does more being, I do more feeling, let’s be real 🤣.

I’m scared to share that it can be this easy.

But it really can.

… After you’ve done the hard work of liberating all that is stopping you from being your authentic self.