Several years ago, I wrote a wish in my journal…

To have a job that involved my love for music and my passion for making playlists. I remember scoffing at the idea because I figured it was too late to become a DJ (also not true!) and I wasn’t quite sure how else I would monetize off making playlists.

Fast forward and here I am: Making playlists and teaching other womxn how to make playlists (along with all the other complex skills it takes to facilitate Embodiment.)

No dream is too small or too silly.
No desire is out of reach.

My mind would have NEVER been able to strategize how that would all come together… and yet by following all the places I was pulled towards, here I am training and teaching others in Embody. (By the way, we have ONE LAST SPOT in Embody Teacher Training. You can still apply here if last-minute is your sorta thing. Final deadline is Sunday, 4/26 at midnight Pacific.)

What desire… what dream have you not allowed yourself to embrace fully? – no matter how impossible it may seem.

Speaking of playlists, I have compiled all our recent Embody on Zoom class playlists for you. I dare you to put one of these on and stay still.

NADIA’S PLAYLIST (3/30)     |     NADIA’S PLAYLIST (4/9)

After Cara’s class yesterday, one woman exclaimed “Where have I been this whole time?!?!”

So I ask you… if you haven’t attend one of our Embody Online classes… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!!

It’s the final two classes. If you haven’t sampled one of these classes, come join us. Dancing in community is SO CATHARTIC right now.

Nicole teaches on Monday (4/27) at 6pm EDT. I teach the final class on Thursday (4/30) at noon EDT.  Use this link to join us on Monday or Thursday.