My Book, Sacred Body Wisdom is FREE until Friday


It’s the season of all the things. And I just wanted to drop you a quick note so you don’t miss out on this amazing offer!

My first book, Sacred Body Wisdom, which is a collaborative book project that I’m so honored to be a part of is out on Amazon TODAY! 

The e-book is $9.99 & the printed copy is $19.99, however, until Friday only, we are giving away the e-book FOR FREE!

Authors include Rochelle Schieck – founder of Qoya & Bernadette Pleasant – founder of Femme! These are two colleagues of mine who I adore and are creating huge ripple effects in the world with their movement classes.

I wanted to give you a little sneak peek into my chapter, titled Exploding into Wholeness below.

“I was born during the civil war in Lebanon.

When I was just two years old, a bomb exploded nearby, and the entire windowpane over my crib fell on me. When my father recounts the story, he always boasts that I was a “courageous little baby” because I just lay there quietly under the sheet of glass waiting to be rescued. I did not cry. I did not move. I just lay there.

In my early childhood years, I fell asleep in one room and woke up in the middle of the night being wheeled into another. We spent weeks up in our attic sleeping on mattress pads beside human-sized jars of pickled olives while we played the only board game we had, Monopoly. In our fantasy world, we made big bucks and bought hotels, while in our real life, we were drinking powdered milk and getting one hour of electricity a day.

Although my father attributed my silence under that sheet of glass to courage, I’m pretty sure it was, in fact, shock—and what the trauma world calls “freeze” mode. This incident would become the  first of many experiences that instilled in me a deep lack of safety and a slow process of disconnection from my body.”

Read the rest of it (and wisdom from the most embodied women I know!) by downloading the FREE E-Book by Friday.

Here’s what is being said about it:

“Nadia recounts her heartbreaking and triumphant story with raw and utterly compelling candor.  Her staggering resilience, fortitude, and transformation is nothing short of inspirational.  She is an absolute marvel of a spirit and shaman with a gift of inner alchemy.”
– Julian DeVoe, Author of the books Robust Vitality & Insights Out

“Woman, your story medicine is potent, vulnerable ALIVENESS. I felt myself nodding, laughing and heart-twisting my way through every word. Thank you for baring your soul journey. I feel more connected to my own, more trusting in the messy magic of becoming.”
– Rachael Maddox, Author of Secret Bad Girl

Might as well not miss out on this offer…

Even if you don’t have time to read it now, grab it by Friday and you can read it anytime you want down-the-line.