I’ve been intentionally taking the month to reflect and re-evaluate things…

From my new Covid morning bagel habit to key offerings in my business.

It’s so important for us to always take time to really take inventory on where we are, what we’ve done and what we don’t want to do anymore.

Especially with the pandemic, every day can just bleed into the next. And it’s important to split up our year into quarters or months and give ourselves a pat on the back for ALL THE THINGS.

For me, March is such a milestone month personally. It marks a month where I broke free from an abusive relationship. (I wrote about it here.)

And it’s also a month where I met my soulmate.

Something about March always signals huge life-changing decisions.

Some easy YESes!

Some excruciatingly painful NOs that only come after a lot of back & forth.

The Embody Collective has been one of those. The short story is we have decided to press pause as of May.

We think this is a pause and not an end.

I have wrestled and tugged and tried to creatively solve something that just didn’t feel good in my body – which was managing a membership. And yet similar to Embody itself, The Collective seems to have a life of its own. It wants to live. Even though I have tried repeatedly to kill it. Because I don’t want to do the backend systems stuff that makes me crazy contracted.

I just want to coach. 🙂

So we are taking a pause to see if and how we want to create the shiny, sparkly Collective 2.0.

(Btw, if you joined us at any point, we would love to get your feedback! As a thank you, we would add you to the founder’s list which gives you access to future discounts & bonuses not offered to the public.)

I’ve also been reflecting on how grateful I am for you.

For being here. For trusting me. For trusting your body.

So thank you.