From the moment I got certified as an Integrative Health Coach, I got bombarded by messages on how to run my business.

Whether it was the “Fix It in 5 Steps Formula” or the Get Rich Quickly E-course, I was shown only one way to grow my business: Now & Fast.

And this trend continues in my Facebook ad feed till today.

“Do it my way!”
“My formula is guaranteed!”
“No, do it my way!”

Somewhere in all this noise, we have forgotten the grace, the power and the potency of slow, organic growth.

Everyone wants to put a fertilizer on everything.

Well, look at where Round-Up has gotten us these days…

On the outside, it may have looked shiny to be able to grow 10x more wheat for the US, but underneath that “get rich quick” scheme was the underbelly of a health crisis. Leaky Gut, Obesity, Alzheimer’s (the list goes on… just google glyphosate health impact.)

In economics, growing an economy too fast is not manageable. It often leads to inflation and, ultimately, a crash.

Same with your body. If you go on a crash diet or a juice cleanse, you may initially lose the weight but chances are, after going back to your usual routine, you will gain back all the weight – and some.

I see this in individuals as well. They take one workshop on a topic and suddenly they are an expert in that field. Or they fall in love and during their honeymoon phase launch a course about “Finding your Soulmate” – only to consciously uncouple 6 months later.

We are obsessed with the fast fast fast.

I left the most lucrative job I ever had because the company went from 150 employees to 15,000 in one year. Everyone thought I was crazy because I quit the day I got promoted.

And yet, I knew in my gut the boat was sinking and I got out of there just in time. A few years later, I heard they closed their doors.

And, still we continue to skip over the merits of slow, sustainable and organic growth.

One step at a time.

Space to breathe.

Space to receive.

Space to intuit.

In my 5 years of running my business, I’ve grown slowly and steadily.

It hasn’t looked flashy or shiny.

And still, every year we grow.

Every year, we have a few more members in the Embody Family.

Every year, we get a little clearer on the mission of Embody.

Every year, our income is a little more than in previous years.

And most importantly, every year we transform the lives of more people than the year before.

To me, that’s sexy.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Slow and steady also is mindful. And conscious. And we need more of that.

Think about it. If you’re running super fast down the street, you have no time to take in what’s actually happening the world around you.

What does your ecosystem actually need? Your inner ecosystem, your business’ ecosystem and the ecosystem your business resides in.

Hiro Boga writes about this so beautifully.

“Good business understands, in a very pragmatic way, that we are the green branches and breathing leaves of the world tree. Our businesses don’t exist as isolated particles whirling independently in space. They are part of an intricate ecosystem whose every element is essential to the life of the whole.

The well-being of your clients and customers, the health and prosperity of the world, the vibrancy of your business, and your own wholeness and happiness — each of these is as intimately connected as root and trunk and branch and leaf, soil, air, clouds and rain.”

The other piece to keep in mind is trauma!

Between the patriarchy, war and deteriorating mental health, more and more of us are trauma survivors.

This means that our nervous system simply cannot handle too much, too fast.

We must honor our sacred internal ecosystem too.

It may sound really awesome to open your doors and balloon to 6 figures in a year. But with that comes a jolt to your reality and your nervous system and there is a high likelihood that something has to be sacrificed in that – your physical health, your mental health, time with your family, time with God/dess.

The world needs more Sensual, Soulful and Sustainable Business.
(that’s also trauma-sensitive!)

And part of my mission is to help womxn be the driving force of that.

I’ve created an intimate incubator for this in 2020.

The Embody Mentorship.

5 womxn coming together to lay down a foundation of embodiment for their life, their business and their relationships.

2 spots are left.

I would be honored to guide you to your deepest knowing and help you find your unique flavor of sustainable and sexy business.