The Best Teachers are the Ones Who Struggle

I’m going to tell you a story about my pole-dancing days that demonstrates why struggling with an issue actually makes you the best teacher. ⁠

When I was a pole-dancing instructor in training, I found myself initially terrified about teaching pole tricks. My body is NOT flexible which meant there were a lot of shapes my body just couldn’t get into easily AT ALL which made a lot of tricks extra hard for me.⁠

Other super bendy teachers found those tricks to be relatively easy. Which meant they didn’t have to try a bunch of different things. There was no struggle for them in that.⁠

No struggle meant they didn’t spend hours and hours trying to get into that position through hundreds of different ways.⁠

Which meant they learnt one way and that was it.⁠

When it came time to teach pole, I quickly discovered that many students came to take class from me and would finally get a pole trick that they had been stumped on for YEARS!⁠

I became someone who taught pole tricks really well! ⁠

Because I could verbalize the break down of every single step. ⁠
Because I could give them 10 different options to try.⁠
Because I myself could empathize with what they were struggling with.⁠

Although I definitely wasn’t the pole trickster of the studio, I was an amazing pole trick TEACHER.⁠

I say all this because in coaching this is often similar.⁠

Someone who never had pain during s*x may not be the best fit in guiding you back into your ecstasy. It has always come easy to her. She didn’t have to try 100 different things.⁠

Someone who comes from a lineage of women who made money and manifests like a champ may not be the best fit to teach your money course.⁠

Someone who has never struggled with body image is probably not the person to guide you through body self-love.⁠

Just something to think about when you choose your next teacher. ⁠

Struggle shapes you.⁠
Struggle opens doors. ⁠
Struggle leads you to solutions.⁠

Sometimes, being really good at something doesn’t actually make you a great teacher.⁠

(And sometimes, it does…)