The Death of Nuance is the Death of Our Humanity

Every single person is both human and divine.⁠

…Operating from heart and from ego.⁠

Every single person will radiate light and act out their shadow.⁠

… Sometimes ecstatic and sometimes miserable.⁠

Every single person has moments in total alignment and moments completely out of integrity.⁠

… Balancing their individual experience with the collective.⁠

This is the human experience.⁠

🔸 Can we please give permission to it? 🔸⁠

There are so many teachers I have who I sometimes agree with and sometimes don’t.⁠

Thank God.⁠

I still hold every lesson they have taught me as sacred.⁠

There are many clients of mine who I sometimes agree with and sometimes don’t.⁠

I hope that they still receive what they need even when my opinion differs.⁠

There are days I am super disembodied.⁠

And I’m an Embodiment teacher.⁠

Does that mean I should be canceled or called out?⁠

Does that mean I cannot change my clients lives?⁠

Does that mean I should just give up?⁠

No, the human experience is a dance between dualities.⁠

It is a beautiful ebb and flow between divinity and humanity.⁠

Between being a total ass and a pure fucking angel.⁠

Between being so fucking connected and absolutely disconnected.⁠

We are imprisoning each other (and therefore ourselves) in a cage of perfectionism and impossible standards.⁠

And instead of it inspiring impeccability and integrity, it breeds fear, disrespect and cancel culture.⁠

Our Human Experience is Holy.⁠

If we kill our ability to hold this nuance, we are killing anyone’s right to have a human experience.⁠

And I am not ok with that.⁠