The Gaslighting of Your Own Body Wisdom

We have seen ⁠

– over and over again throughout history -⁠

that the dominant institutions have used and exploited the bodies of the oppressed groups in societies.⁠

Whether through the extraction of labor, sexual gratification or the use of bodies as medical guinea pigs,⁠

we cannot DENY the COUNTLESS amounts of times in history (and unfortunately still today) that this horror has occurred.⁠

(Just ask Nicki Minaj with the debacle there.)⁠

Where certain bodies were seen as LESS THAN.⁠

Where certain humans experiences were completely DISCARDED.⁠

And USED in order to serve the white man (or whatever dominant institution it is) and his agenda.⁠

We have also seen these same underrepresented groups being gaslit about their own body wisdom.⁠

Just ask any WOC who has had to fight so hard to be taken seriously by her doctor.⁠

Just ask any minority who has to battle to have their own ancestral medicine be accepted.⁠

Just ask any human wanting to heal in an “alternative” way without being dismissed as stupid.⁠

Have we forgotten? ⁠

What happened to the so-called liberals who fought so hard last year against white supremacy but are now trusting the same institution to save their lives?⁠

These institutions are built on extraction.⁠

Extraction can ONLY happen when you don’t trust your own body anymore. ⁠

When you surrender your body into the hands of someone/something else. ⁠

When you look outwards for the answer.⁠

Stop letting the teachers, gurus, doctors and governments tell you your TRUTH.⁠

Have we learned nothing from last summer?⁠
Have we learned nothing from the #metoo movement?⁠
Have we learned nothing from the 9-5 we’ve all freed ourselves from?⁠

How do we fight extraction?⁠

We cultivate aliveness.⁠

And only you can do this.
You and your body.⁠

This is what I’m doing with my clients and community. ⁠

I’d love for you to meet us there.⁠