One of the most powerful and moving memories I have is watching a woman in my sensual movement class take her entire 3:30 minute dance to move her fingers from her ankles to her knee.

This was the entire dance.

Her taking her time to just feel herself deeply.

I had never been more mesmerized.

It was in that dark-lit studio 10 years ago that I learned one of the most important lessons about the feminine.

The most magnetic force in the universe is SLOW.

Slower than you think. More Indulgent. More Juicy. More Luxurious.

I could not take my eyes off of her. No one in the class could.

She could have filled her 3 minutes with all sorts of floor work and pole tricks.

Instead, she just got really slow and felt herself.

And the entire room was suddenly right there with her. Fully attentive. Sucked in. Magnetized.

The same exact principle applies to making money.

And running your business.

We keep thinking we need to shove in all the things into our “3 minutes”. Start a podcast, post on insta every day, write a newsletter once a week, run those FB ads, create that masterclass… and the list goes on.

And yet the most magnetic, the most potent, the most powerful force is the feminine slowing the fuck down and deeply feeling.

And somehow, we have allowed the patriarchy and the bro marketing paradigm to convince us otherwise.

Womxn… it’s time we spearheaded a new feminine paradigm of leadership. 
One that allows for the doing and the feeling.
One that creates spaces for the slow, luxurious yumminess of a 3-minute stretch
… on your terms.

This woman followed what her body wanted.
This was her truth.
And her truth was absolutely the biggest gift she could have offered us (and herself) in that moment.
It enriched the moment.
It enriched her cells.
And It enriched my life.

What if you ran your business this way?
What if your entire Monday was a delicious dance?
What if your whole 2021 plan felt like a deep, spacious inhale?
And what if your to-do list was dominated by your desires?

2 more spots left in the Embody Certification. We are doing it on our terms. 

We begin in a few weeks. The deadline to apply is the end of this week – January 17th.