This is to You…

This is to you…

The woman ready to step up.

The woman no longer willing to be caged by her old stories.

The woman whose power no longer allows her to play into the smallness.

Not here.
Not anymore.

She’s tasted her sorcery.
She’s touched possibility.
She’s felt her depth.
And held her own ache.

She is here.
And cannot pretend not to be anymore.

She is here.
And will not stay quiet.

She is here.
And can feel life coursing through her veins.

She can no longer deny her potency
with cute little victim pouts.

She can no longer pretend not be powerful.

She can no longer hide behind her humanity,

Because she’s tasted her divinity,

And has devoted her heart to the vastness of the universe.

This is to you…