If you’re seeing all the 2017 reflections, lessons & highlights…
If you’re seeing all the 2018 intentions, desires and goals…
And you’re feeling tight in your chest, sad in your heart or scared shitless, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

This year kicked my ass so hard that I’m still in shock. I’m still processing. I’m still SO IN IT. We don’t have to know the answers and the milestones and the takeaways just because it’s Jan 1st.

We don’t get to decide when one chapter ends and the next one begins so try not to get too sucked into the forced, mainstream version of the end of the year.

Behind-the-scenes, I’m doing the deepest work I’ve ever done. To honor me. I’m feeling stronger than ever, more connected than ever and more ME than ever.

And part of that is not succumbing to pressures like scheduled processing, timed reflection or forced expression.

Maybe it’s the same for you. Instagram cannot document your cells shifting. Snapchat filters won’t highlight your neural pathways reorganizing. Facebook cannot honor the power of quiet.

The last few days, I watched the internal dialogue: “it’s time for a blog post. you should share with your community why you’ve been in hiding for a while, and try to map it out with clear lessons and takeaways.”

And then the other part of me that’s still foggy and unclear trying to stand with shaky legs begging me not to rush the process just because it’s “time”.

And then I remembered, the big theme that has been coming up for me the last few months has been about releasing my soul from these manufactured restraints.

This year I choose me. I choose to do it my way at my pace with my unique flavor.

You aren’t behind if you haven’t started the cleanse.
You aren’t any less worthy if you are struggling to see the 2017 highlights.
You aren’t any less awesome if you have no idea what your 2018 goals are.

This is your permission slip (and mine) to do it whatever fucking way works for you. Maybe that’s eating a burger and a beer on day 1 of 2018.

That’s what I did. And it was fabulous.

P.S. Deepest soul thanks to all the amazing women who have championed my essence through the insanely high highs and brutal low lows of the year. They have raised a mirror, held the bucket (sometimes LITERALLY), worked their healing magic or had love on tap for so many growth opportunities this year:

Lola Young
Ginny Muir
Emily Powell
Kit Murray Maloney
Amy Danielson
Stephanie Burg
Cara Viana Hollenbeck
Tami Spence
Becca Piastrelli
Nisha Moodley
Cora Poage
Bonnie Coberly
Jeannine Yoder
Alexandra M Jamieson
Nicole Jardim
Courtney Keller
Windy McCracken
Jamie Jensen
Karen Kalou
Lana El-Khalil Bacha
Lindsay Anna Mae Wilson
Coleen B.