To The Woman Who Is Hurting

I see you.⁠

To the woman who spends her days endlessly supporting others – ⁠

but is deeply wanting to be held herself⁠

I see you.⁠

To the woman who can champagne and oyster it every night ⁠

(Congratulations btw!) ⁠

– but is deeply wanting a partner to share those moments with. ⁠

I see you.⁠

To the woman who put sweat, blood and tears into her business ⁠

– but just wants to burn it all down.⁠

I see you.⁠

To the woman who has “made it” but still feels something is missing…. ⁠

I get it…⁠

You’re not sure what’s next⁠.⁠

You’re not clear what will bring you deep ease + peace.⁠

You’re not even clear what your desires are right now… except to CHANGE IT.⁠

Because you KNOW it’s not working for you anymore.⁠

You may not know WHY. But you can feel that nudge deep in your bones…⁠

The one that whispers… “There’s more sweetheart”⁠

Go there.⁠

But there looks strange and foreign.⁠

And not at all part of your long term plan.⁠

So each day you get up and do it again.⁠

Because yo don’t know any other way.⁠

Your soul does.⁠

Listen to her whispers.⁠

Instead of another business mastermind that will keep you on the same grind, why not invest in your soul’s whispers instead?⁠

Do you trust her?⁠

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See if your soul whispers “yes”⁠