Trusting Our Men Again


How are you feeling about men these days?

Are you feeling hopeful and excited post #metoo?

Are you feeling a deeper and deeper despair with each article that is published about yet another man abusing his power?

Are you feeling confused about how you feel?

I hear ya. Which is why I’m hosting this heart-opening FREE interview series. 

All of last year, I kept feeling a mix of deep rage and disgust at the patriarchy, at male privilege, and at men like Kavanaugh and Weinstein and that Olympic gymnast doctor.

So much of my own sexual trauma history came back up and had me going through bouts of rage, denial, numbing out and just the overall feeling of “we gotta do more!”

At the same time, I was also noticing how many of the gorgeous well-intentioned men in my life were privately sharing with me their extreme fear. They did not know how to navigate this post-#metoo world and were asking for guidance.

As much as a part of me was like…

“They’ve had centuries of power. Let them feel what we’ve had to endure our entire lives”

Another part of me really empathized with their pain. 

I’ve spent over 8 years supporting woman in the process of shedding the toxic messages around their power, their pleasure, and their play. I’ve helped them reclaim their erotic, feminine bodies and their embodied power…

And what I began to notice in a post-#metoo world was that men no longer felt safe to be themselves either.

They were grappling with equal amounts of shame around their sexual desires.

They were shying away from playful flirting because of the fear of “getting it wrong”.

And they are shrinking away from their power.

And the truth is that no one wins when one of us loses.

And so I did what any normal entrepreneur (who doesn’t have enough projects on her plate) would do. I decided to go on a mission to explore and understand the experience of men post-#metoo and see what is still stopping us from cultivating trust and partnership with each other. And I decided that I would record all the interviews into a limited interview series:

This is a totally free interview series meant to build a bridge from our well-meaning, exhausted hearts to their well-intentioned, confused hearts. Because ultimately, in a time when the trend is to shame, to blame and to “other,” I believe that coming closer with compassion will be what heals us all.

Join me to build that bridge. Registration is open TODAY.

The cherry-on-top to this whole experience is that I’ve invited expert podcast host, transformational life coach, and overall badass babe Madelyn Moon to join me as a guest host on some of our interviews. We learned SO much we didn’t know throughout this series and I’m so excited to share it with you today.

I’d love for you to join us and share your perspective. And I’d love for you to share this with all the woman AND men in your life that need this!