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Other Magic

This is where you can purchase all things Embody under $100.


Envision Workshop

Ready for change but old visioning processes not working?

This workshop teaches you how to use the Embodied Power Method to discover and create the life you want through a trauma-informed framework that allows for your WHOLENESS to power your vision.

Powerful in Love Workshop

This workshop is for the woman who is powerful AF in her business and is ready to do the same in her love life.

No more strategizing your love life. Learn how to allow your body to be the portal into this power. 

Embody-At-Home: Digital Classes


Do You Want To Feel Connected, Powerful & Feminine Again?

…But you feel pretty trapped in your head and have a hard time dropping into your body & senses?

Check out the latest Embody-at-Home Sessions. These guided moving meditations (MP3 format) will help you drop out of your head and into your body & heart.

Our Latest Class:

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“The very first Embody class that I did right there in my home office was life-changing.

I live so very much in my head and while I feel so many things strongly and passionately, I keep them well-contained. I am the straight-A student, people pleaser, who never wants to be controversial or make anyone uncomfortable.

Doing that class and going through all the different aspects of being a woman rocked my world. Through the heart openers, I felt my nurturer-self, and then there was my warrior goddess then my inner child (I literally cried during this part), my sexy siren self, etc., etc. And they were all ME!!! It was a revelation to feel all of those things and know they were all equally my truth.”

Jennifer Sain

Classic Embody (50-60 mins):

Allison Braun

“It felt as good as an hour of great sex.

Allison Braun

“It felt as good as an hour of great sex.

Within minutes I felt so safe and free to fully surrender that I had tears streaming down my cheeks. Throughout the class I experienced more bliss, joy and freedom than I ever have in 1 hour. It felt as good as an hour of great sex!

The music is epic as is Nadia’s guidance. The best part though is how Nadia makes you feel safe to express and experience your full range as a woman.

Allison Braun, Business & Lifestyle Success Coach

Themed Classes (50-60 mins):

“I just completed my first session with you. Holy f*king shit! (Sorry, I don’t have any other words).

I have suppressed it all for 30+ years. I have kept my mouth shut and put a fucking smile on my face, saying everything is fine! I am great! What a croc of shit! I am so done with holding it all in and keeping myself captive.

I managed to release so much pain and even hate! An emotion I didn’t realize I was carrying inside of me. I wasn’t ready for it to come to an end.

Mini Archetype Classes (20 mins):

Lori Berkowitz

“Nadia guided us beautifully through a range of emotions and gave me the space to feel free…

Lori Berkowitz

“Nadia guided us beautifully through a range of emotions and gave me the space to feel free…

…and process what my heart was saying. This was my first time dancing post pregnancy and baby–I’m grateful to Nadia for holding such a safe and generous space for my body.”

Lori Berkowitz, Boudoir Photographer

Embody-at-Home Bundle

Want more than one class? Buy the bundle and get one free!

Embody Your Ecstasy

Embody Your Ecstasy


Join us for a 7 day Online Embodiment Immersion where we explore what is stopping us from fully embodying our power, our freedom and our range so we can come back to a place of confidence, trust and love for our bodies.

Are you a business owner?


Custom Embody-at-home


I can create a customized Embody-at-home class for your digital program or to use with your clients.

Some past clients include: Nisha Moodley (featured in her course Soul of Leadership) as well as Muneeza Ahmed (Intuitive Medicine Woman).

Contact us at for details & rates.


Embody at your event


If you are running a workshop or retreat and instead of morning yoga, you’d love a high-energy, deeply transformative movement class that gets your participants into their bodies and hearts quickly, consider hiring an Embody teacher.

Contact us at for info on teachers near you.


Sacred Body Wisdom: Igniting the Flame of our Divine Humanity

In her chapter, Nadia maps out her embodiment journey from her early childhood years in the Lebanese civil war to her more recent adventures pole-dancing in Hollywood, all while exploring what true success really looks like when she follows her sacred body wisdom.

“Woman, your story medicine is potent, vulnerable ALIVENESS. I felt myself nodding, laughing and heart-twisting my way through every word. Thank you for baring your soul journey. I feel more connected to my own, more trusting in the messy magic of becoming.”
– Rachael Maddox, Author of Secret Bad Girl

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