I’m currently a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. What I love most about this program is the emphasis on primary food, which is basically everything other than the food you put in your mouth and chew. So basically your relationships, your spirituality, your hobbies, your career and your physical activity. I love this idea because I do believe that these elements in your life are as important, if not more, to your overall nourishment.

    And coming out of a weekend I spent at the DAILY LOVE LIVE in NYC, I thought it would particularly timely to take this week on THE SIREN JOURNEY to discuss our primary food needs.

    Today, I want to talk about the role of spirituality in our lives, and in particular our relationship to our heart. I feel like I’ve spent at least the second half of my life this far ignoring my heart and this weekend we became friends again. The poor thing has been trying to talk to me for so long!

    I keep talking about feeling sexy by feeling light and free. Well, I haven’t lost a pound of physical weight but I can tell you I lost like 40 pounds of emotional weight this morning by writing my heart’s manifesto so I encourage you to write yours. There is nothing more freeing and sexier than a woman in touch with her heart’s purpose. So in the spirit of connectivity and openness, I share with you mine:


    Today, I vow, to the best of my ability, to not:
    – Shame myself for being unable to support myself financially.
    – Shame myself for past mistakes that make me the awesome person I am today.
    – Shame myself for having high goals and not being able to fulfill all of them.
    – Hold anger & resentment towards things I cannot control.
    – Judge my life based on others.

    Instead, I will:
    – Check in with my  daily.
    – Love as much as I am able to in any given moment.
    – I will be kind to myself.
    – I will immerse myself in the knowledge of the heart.
    – I will meditate.
    – I will honor some version of a yoga practice.
    – I will tell stories when I want to, not because I have to.
    – I will pray when I am scared.
    – I will work hard towards my purpose while honoring where I am every day.