What Do I Get Out Of Being Embodied?

Here’s just a sliver of what my clients celebrated this year:⁠

✨ Finally setting boundaries with clients and family members and freeing themselves from people pleasing.⁠
✨ Allowing themselves to be seen vulnerably in their authentic expression (in their business and the bedroom)⁠
✨ Deepening into a level of self-trust through discerning their body’s yeses and nos.⁠
✨ Immersing themselves into their sensuality when it felt scary to do so before.⁠
✨ Liberating themselves from their own judgements and the judgements of others.⁠
✨ Learning to parent their inner child and master their nervous system so that every creation is from love and not fear.
✨ Finding the seat of their power and feeling their self-love on an embodied level.
✨ Moving away from mindset to trusting their body’s wisdom⁠.

This looks like:⁠
⚡ Finally having the courage to say something when a man violates a boundary⁠
⚡ Having someone ask you out on a date with a mask on because you’re just exuding sensuality⁠
⚡ Rewriting the way you run your business because pleasure + play have become the leading force⁠
⚡ Rewiring your relationship to masculine structure to be supportive instead of oppressive⁠
⚡ Drafting new client policies and having the internal boundaries to enforce them⁠
⚡ Having days filled with goosebump moments and deep self-love⁠
⚡ Growing your capacity for bold and wide expression and for holding the bold expression of others.⁠
⚡ No longer having to choose between authentic expression and love⁠

…You get to create a world that has both. ⁠

Embodiment isn’t as simple as “I went from making x to making Y” or “I came into the program single and left in a loving relationship”⁠

It’s so much deeper.⁠
It’s an internal cellular shift.⁠
And it changes everything.⁠
Not just one thing.⁠

The people who come work with me don’t always know the HOW but they feel the pull of their deep inner knowing whispering “go there.”⁠

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