When Fear is Your Friend

One thing I’ve never understood is the motto: “Be Fearless”⁠

To me, this undermines the wisdom of our bodies.⁠

✨ Fear is a friend.✨⁠

Fear is simply a combination of sensations that you feel when your wise animal body detects threat to your survival.⁠

(If you are into more official words, it is when the autonomic nervous system switches from parasympathetic (rest + digest) into sympathetic (run, fight or hide biatch!) ⁠

✨ Fear is what often saves your life – if you listen. ✨⁠

If a deer overrides that sensation of “I think something is behind me” for more than a millisecond, that deer is dead.⁠

We have the same system.⁠

Sometimes, it misfires. ⁠

Sometimes, our credit card bill fires it up.⁠

Sometimes, an honest conversation fires it up.⁠

Sometimes, our loving partner fires it up.⁠

Yes, that’s our work to do.⁠

But, ultimately, it is there to keep us alive.⁠

So, check in with yourself today…⁠

🔹Are you overriding the nudge that something is off?⁠
🔹Are you pretending you don’t feel your fists clenching and your heart beating?⁠
🔹Are you avoiding the desire to run as fast as you can?⁠
🔹Are you in complete freeze bingeing an entire TV season on netflix to avoid the news?⁠

Just notice.⁠

✨Now, more than ever, it is important that we allow our wise animal bodies to lead.✨⁠

Or else, our spirit will die.⁠