Where Are The Leaders? (A Dose of Tough Love)⁠

I hear all the coaches and online entrepreneurs talking about the importance of Embodiment.⁠

But I’m not seeing you walking your talk.⁠

I’m gonna be real with you for a second.⁠

This is the NUMBER ONE thing you need to be focused on right now.⁠

After two years in front of screens more than ever before,⁠

feeling the divinity coursing through your body should be PRIORITY on your to-do list.⁠

If you’re feeling uninspired in your mission,⁠

If you’re feeling bored of the same old shit,⁠

It’s because life force has gotten stagnant.⁠

It has coagulated and crusted up amidst all your metrics and strategies.⁠

Come to me.⁠

We will do it differently.⁠

Because we will listen to your body.⁠

And her deep soulful wisdom.⁠

And we will carve a new path for you.⁠

A path filled with long exhales and goosebumps⁠

With spaciousness and ease⁠

With deep surrender and faith⁠

With poetry and tenderness⁠

With grace and magic.⁠