Originally written: July 2nd, 2018


She is the essence of your erotic, sensual, feminine charge.
She is the archetype in your internal army that helps fight the message that our sensual is unsafe.
She is the champion of your pleasure and the creatrix of your turn-on!

Once you have found her, connected with her and explored her desires, you will know exactly what you need to PLUG YOU IN to your DEEPEST, MOST HEARTFELT TURN-ON.

For some of us that looks like wearing a t-shirt and legwarmers.
For some of us that IS a little black dress with the heels.
For some of us that looks like a cape. Or a tutu. Or bondage-inspired accessories.
For some of us that means raging to rock music or lusciously luxuriating to Sade.
For some of us that means tapping into our playful and for some of us that means connecting to the deep well of emotion in our bodies.
It looks different for everyone.

But what’s the same is the way in which you get to meet her and connect to her – through embodiment, through your senses.

Through touch.
Through sound.
Through colors.
Through textures.
Through music.
Through scent.
Through taste.

If you follow the breadcrumbs there, that’s how you will begin to find the safety in your sensuality and through that you can show up vibrant and connected to your desires without the guilt, shame, and fear that has us dissociate or disconnect and without the preconceived notions of what we are supposed to look or feel like when we are tapped into our sexy.

What will YOU do today to start to connect to your Sensual Siren?

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