Ep 32: Divine Union Through Domming

Andrew & Dawn are a married 24/7 Dominant/submissive couple. Together, they work to support individuals and couples in their integration of D/s as a healthy, loving way of relating. Through their deep connection, they have developed a powerful understanding of the intersection of D/s, masculine/feminine polarity, and divine union, and they make a practice of teaching and sharing from their authentic lived experience. 

In this conversation, we get into:

  • The misconceptions of domination/submission and how dominance is about leadership and attunement, while submission is about embodied surrender and expressing oneself in the moment.

  • We discussed Dawn's decision to be a submissive in their relationship and how it deepened their connection to each other and to God. They faced fears and let go of controlling aspects of her life, leading to a feeling of freedom and devotion to her partner.

  • The F and M role of the heart and consciousness of God.

  • The rampant decision-fatigue women are feeling and how D/s could help you out!

  • Surrender beyond preferences.

  • The importance of emotional discernment and the role of surrender and submission in relationships. Andrew shares that his biggest mistake and how he changed that.

  • What does it mean to serve the field of “we” and union.

  • And lots more!

A must-listen if you're interested in alternative formats of relationship that may help you reach a deeper level of spirituality.

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